Depopulation Illuminati Conspiracy You Should Know

There is an Illuminati conspiracy theory that the Freemasonry is quietly being debated to be discussed, namely Depopulation. The most terrible program if the Illuminati conspiracy true. Depopulation is the condition that must reduce the population or no population at all. So, according to this conspiracy means reducing the number of the world population.


Re-controlling the world population by reducing the number of people by the world elite group, the Bilderberg is already has been running. Do not you feel it? If not, that is what they expect. They plan to reduce the world population which now amounts to 7 billion to only 500 million. This has been said by many eyewitnesses from several researchers, experts, and conspiracy theorists.

Depopulation Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

As we know, depopulation means reducing the number of the world population. This theory has been believed by many people. One of the eyewitnesses is Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura was a 38th former governor (1999-2003) of the state of Minnesota in America. He was also a former Navy Seal during the Vietnam War.

Some experts and researchers that he has met testify to have seen the impact and the evidence. The agenda from the Illuminati conspiracy and the elites have superior powers to dominate the world with only one command, the New World Order. This secret society has actually controlled the world for a long time ago.

Dr. Rima Laibow, a doctor of advocacy (Natural Medicine Advocate) has known and met with one Illuminati’s member about the ways to go through the depopulation program by Vaccination. Besides that, Dr. Rima also stated, "They have nothing to do with a religious group, nothing to do with a race, nothing to do with a nation, nothing to do with any politics, and other relations" after being asked who the elite group was.

Illuminati Conspiracy

It was believed that this group wants the world is always chaotic and fighting between religious or believers. They even made new beliefs and also made new groups under the guise of religion. They are the ones who made what was once one break into pieces. Now, they are a group of "Ruling Elites" who have enormous influence and very strong, wealthy, and certainly.

Illuminati Elite Group

This Illuminati’s elite group numbers are very few. They are the control of world finance and world politics. Not only that, but they can also control which countries will be fought, which tribes will be destroyed or be protected, which countries will be divided and others.

The group is the ones who have world power. They control the pharmaceutical industries. They also control the world's giant companies from mining, food, beverage and mass media companies throughout the world. It is said that their members are only about 120 people, but they are so strong who are very influential in the world.

As if they were the ones who made this world spin and they seemed to think like the god, never to die. But the only one that they cannot control is the World Population. Their ways to make this world only 500 million are not easy, but this agenda has been going on for decades.


By piggybacking on the UN, WHO, IMF, World Bank and other world institutions, many of these institutions have also been infiltrated and collaborated. Not only that, but they also combined several groups of entrepreneurs and politicians in line. Therefore, they are stronger and more influential.

Evidence of Depopulation

Some experts and researchers have revealed the concrete evidence about their agenda and this is not a figment but a reality and real facts. As for some ways to reduce the world's population are:
  • Through warfare
  • Making people infected with the disease through vaccination
  • Distribute the poisons that are eaten in our food every day
  • Poisoning drugs that consumed by sick people
  • Poisoning drinks through waterways

Even up to their modified viruses are such as swine flu, bird flu, and many others. They also spread to many countries in the world either through food and drinks, through imported animals or in the form of chemtrails sprayed by planes in the air.


The most famous Illuminati conspiracy is depopulation, the reduction of the world population. This has been said by many eyewitnesses from several researchers, experts, and conspiracy theorists.

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