Some Ways of Spirit Show Their Ghost Existence

The spirit or ghost existence around us is very likely to be something we cannot ignore. Some people believe the ghost existence even has seen their appearance, and some do not. Various phenomena that occur in our environment can be a sign that the existence of these spirits does exist.

Ghost Existence

Knowing Ghost Existence

Many people are also curious about the spirit. The problem is how exactly these spirits show us about their existence all this time. At least, there are four mediums of how ghost show their existence around us. The four mediums to know the ghost existence are:


In this case, the ghost appears to us visually and we see the form directly. This visual appearance can be blatant or vague. Ghost is seen clearly when those spirits appear to us in the form of children, adult women, and parent or in other forms.

Meanwhile, vaguely, the spirit shows its existence to us in the form of a shadow or movement of a particular object. The appearance of vague spirits also often involves certain objects such as the suddenly turn on and turn off lights, as well as the plates, glasses or other objects suddenly move places.


Spirits also often use aroma to show their existence to us like the fragrant flowers. For example, when you are in a room, all of a sudden, you smell a very strong fragrant flower or another aroma. In fact, we know that there is no one who put flowers in the room or around the room.

spirit Existence


Another way to know the ghost existence is by touch. The existence of spirits can also be marked by the occurrence of touch. For example, when you are alone in a room, then suddenly you feel your shoulders or neck are touched by someone. In fact, there is no one there.

The other example is when the breeze suddenly feels next to you when you are in a closed room. It is also a sign of a spirit in the room. They are trying to show us their existence and to frighten you.


The sound is also commonly medium for spirits or ghosts to show their existence. Do not be surprised when in the middle of the night, you are suddenly startled by the sound of water from the bathroom. It can be indicated that someone is taking a shower. However, when you examine the bathroom, no one is found there.

In another occasion, on a quiet night, maybe you will hear the noise of glass and plates from the kitchen. As soon as we look there, you do not see anyone there. This case, maybe the spirits want us to know their existence around the house.


The ghost existence around us cannot be ignored. Various phenomena that occur in our environment can be a sign that the existence of these spirits does exist. They show their existence is using certain mediums such as visual, touch, aroma, and sound.

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