Revealing The Mystery Of Real Dracula Story

The Dracula story is one example of a form of historical manipulation that is so real by the West. If the Rambo film is a fiction which is then produced as if it were a real figure, but Dracula is the opposite. The fact figures are used as fiction in many films. The Dracula story is actually from a real figure named Vlad Tepes or Vlad Dracula.

Dracula Story

In a book entitled "Dracula, the Massacre of Muslims in the Crusades" by Hyphatia Cneajna, the Dracula story is actually a Wallachia magnate, descended from Vlad Dracul. In the Hyphatia description, His story should not be told after the Crusades. His real name is Vlad Tepes who was born around December 1431 AD in Sighisoara Fortress, Transylvania, Romania.

Vlad Tepes The Dracula Story

Vlad Dracula was born when the war between the Ottoman Empire as a representative of Islam and the Kingdom of Hungary as a representative of Christianity. His father was a military commander who was more often on the battlefield than at home. His mother, Cneajna is a nobleman from the Moldavian kingdom.

The mother did give love and education to him, but that was not enough to deal with the tense situation in Wallachia at that time. The massacre had become a daily spectacle. At the age of 11, Dracula and his sister, Radu, were sent to Turkey. This was done by his father as a guarantee of his loyalty to the Ottoman Empire.

During their time in Turkey, the brothers converted to Islam and also attended madrassas to study religion. Unlike his sister who studied hard, Vlad Dracula often stole time to see the execution of the death penalty in the square. He was so glad seeing heads without bodies being put on the spearhead.

vlad dracula

With his Muslim status, Dracula had the opportunity to study the military with Turkish soldiers who were famous for fighting. In a short time, he could master the art of fighting Turkey even surpassing other Turkish soldiers. This attracted the attention of Sultan Muhammad II.

Until 1448 AD, following the death of his father and brother, Mircea, who was killed in a coup organized by Janos Hunyadi, the Kingdom of Turkey sent Dracula to seize Wallachia from the hands of the cross of the Kingdom of Hungary. At that time, Dracula was 17 years old.

Vlad Dracula's Barbaric Action

In the Crusades, Dracula was one of the army commanders of the Cross. With the help of Turkey, Dracula was able to usurp the Wallachia throne. Without being suspected, Dracula fell away and betrayed. He declared to separate from the Turkish Caliphate. In this war, Dracula carried out many murders of Muslims.

The Turkish soldiers left in Wallachia were arrested. After a few days in captivity in the basement, they were paraded naked to the place of execution on the edge of the city. In that place, the Turkish soldiers were executed by stabbing his anus with pointed beams the size of an arm, then planted in the middle of the field.

Two months later Janos Hunyadi succeeded in seizing the Wallachia throne from the hands of Dracula. But in 1456 to 1462, Dracula returned to power in Wallachia. His reign this time was a time of terrible terror. On Easter 1459, Dracula gathered nobles and landlords and their families in a church in a banquet.

After everything was finished eating, he ordered everyone in the place to be arrested and killed. The total number of prisoners was reaching 300 families. Dracula's actions against Muslims in Wallachia were far more sadistic. During his reign, no less than 300 thousand Muslims were assisted.

Muslim Massacre BY Vlad Dracula

In 1456, Dracula burned alive of 400 Turkish youth who were studying science in Wallachia. They were arrested, stripped, and paraded around the city then burned in the hall. Another of his brutal act was the burning of farmers and poor Muslims of Wallachia in his coronation.

vlad tepes

These poor farmers were gathered in a banquet in one of the castle rooms then locked from the outside and then the room was burned. Dracula's grudge against Turkey and Islam was increasingly becoming. In 1459, within a month, there were 30,000 Turkish merchants and their families. They stripped and led to exhibition grounds.

The massacre used a very cruel method of torture. Someone was stabbed with a wooden stick as much as an adult's arm that ends edged. The victims then were stabbed with the wood penetrate into the stomach, esophagus then through the mouth. Another cruel act was by spreading deadly viral diseases to the inhabited areas of the Muslims.

In 1462 M, Khalifah Utsmani, Muhammad II sent 60 thousand troops to arrest Dracula alive or dead. The team leader was Radu, Dracula's younger brother. Knowing this attack plan, Dracula prepared his stunned action to welcome the Turkish troops.

Khalifah Utsmani, Muhammad II

A week before the attack, he ordered his troops to hunt all remaining Muslims in his territory. Around 20 thousand Muslims were killed by stabbing wood from their rectum through mouth then planted to the left and right side of the road, stretching 10 km to welcome the Turkish troops. This monstrous sight almost brought Turkish troops down mentally.

They continued to push forward, pushing Dracula's troops past Tirgoviste to Fort Poenari. Feeling desperate, Dracula's wife chose suicide by plunging into one of the tower's fortresses. While Dracula fled to Honggaria through a secret lane. Until 1475 AD Wallachia was dominated by the Ottoman Ottoman Caliphate.

Dracula was killed in a battle against Turkish forces led by Sultan Muhammad II on the shores of Lake Snagov, in December 1476. The head of Dracula was beheaded and then taken to Constantinople to be shown to the Turkish people. His body was buried in Snagov Monastery by the monks.

The cruelty that has been shown above is what has been hidden by the West. Dracula is considered a hero for the Crusader. So, Dracula's cruelty will always be protected. This measure of success can be seen by a large number of people, especially Muslims who do not know the Dracula story really is. The general public only knew that Dracula was a blood-thirsty vampire, without knowing the true story.


Vlad Dracula is a Muslim slaughterer. Many people do not know the Dracula story. The general public only knew that Dracula was a blood-thirsty vampire, without knowing the true story.

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