Eerie Headless Horseman The Legend Of Dullahan

Among the many legends concerning the angel of death, Dullahan, the headless horseman would be one of the eeriest stories. Comes from Irish legend, this creature has an appearance that can make anyone gets goosebumps. It does not have a head where it should be. So the head of the god of death is always carried in his hand.

Dullahan the Headless Horseman

It is said that the goal of Dullahan, the headless horseman carrying his head is to lift the heads high with hand. So, he can see further the surrounding area. Dullahan's face was described as pale white with a wide torn mouth from one ear to the other. His small eyes are black and stare very sharply. His head is also covered by a greenish aura.

Headless Horseman

Another characteristic of Dullahan is the whip which always he carries wherever he goes. The whip is said to have been made from the embroidery of dead human bodies. The depiction of Dullahan's stature from the neck down has more varied variations. In general, he has a tall body with a black robe.

Some say that this headless horseman rides a black horse, but some say that the gloomy train pulled by 6 black horses is a Dullahan vehicle. The train is also decorated with death objects such as the skulls that are used as a candle base. The ghost always appears with an aura of darkness.

Origin of Dullahan Legend

The origin of Dullahan is colored by diverse myths. One of them tells that this creature is the incarnation of one of the Celtic Fertility Gods named Crom Dubh. The god was worshiped extensively by ancient kings, especially by King Tighermas who was one of the most famous kings in Ireland.

Every year Tighermas sacrificed human lives to please Crom Dubh. But this human sacrifice tradition was erased in the 6th century AD when Christianity entered Ireland. The reason why Dullahan, the headless horseman is so feared because the appearance of Dullahan usually signifies death.

dullahan sightings

It is said that this death angel was very happy to wander around festivals or celebrations, especially at the honor celebration of Crom Dubh as the God of Fertility. The festival is celebrated by Irish people in late August or early September. After finding the target, he will move after the festival ends, precisely when the target is alone.

Dullahan the Angel of Death

Another thing that makes Dullahan a highly respected as the angel of death is his individualistic nature. He really does not like being spotted when doing his actions. Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally sees his figure, then the person will be watered with blood. If it is hit, a possibility of the person is the next Dullahan target.

Besides pouring blood, he will whip the eyes of those who see him until blind. The special ability of this angel death is his ability to break through any obstacles, whether it is an iron gate with steel locks to even the most beautiful hideaway. So, it is useless to hide or defend yourself if Dullahan is aiming for someone's life.

Among all the horrors about the power of this headless horseman, he has one weakness. He does not like pure gold. Even a small coin that made of pure gold has been able to make this creature unable to approach. Therefore, in the celebrating Crom Dubh festival, the Irish people who celebrate always pocketing one gold coin to avoid the pursuit of Dullahan.


Dullahan legend, the headless horseman is one of the eeriest stories from Irish legend. This creature has an appearance that can make anyone gets goosebumps. His appearance is also a sign of death.

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