Urban Legend La Sayona From Venezuela

There are various urban legends in the world. One of the legends is urban legend La Sayona from Venezuela. This urban legend La Sayona is said to be the incarnation of a beautiful woman who rises to take revenge. The target of La Sayona is a man who has an affair with another woman from his marriage. The name "Sayona" comes from a ghostly cloth in the form of a long white dress that is similar to Medieval Clothes. Read more another urban legend Mystery of Slenderman the Supernatural Figure.

Urban Legend La Sayona

The Sayona is also known as Llorona because the variation of the story says this ghost always cries with the baby in his arms. The legendary story also says that when this woman appears she will ask for a cigarette. After for a while, when the victim tries to see her face, then the victim will see that this woman has a skeletal face with very horrible fangs. On the other hand, the urban legend La Sayona also said that La Sayona was originally a young woman named Melissa. She lived in a small town on the plains of Venezuela.

Urban Legend La Sayona From Venezuela
La Sayona

Melissa was the most beautiful girl there. Then, Melisa married with a caring and loving man. They had a baby boy after their marriage. One day, when Melissa swam in a nearby river, suddenly a man came from her village. The man then followed her and saw her bathing in the river. Melissa saw it and told him to leave her alone but he ignored Melissa. The man suddenly said that he was there to warn her. The man said, “Your husband is having an affair with your mother” to Melissa.

After hearing this, Melissa then ran home and found her husband was asleep with the baby in his arms. Because of her anger, she burned her house while her husband and her baby were still inside. The villagers could hear their screams while Melissa ran to her mother's house. She saw her mother on the porch and then attacked her with a knife and stabbed her stomach. In a state of serious injury, her mother died. Before being killed, the mother's cursed Melissa by saying that from now Melissa had to take revenge on all women by killing their loyal husband. Since then, Melissa became "La Sayona".

Another Version of Urban Legend La Sayona

In another version, La Sayona often comes to a man who is alone in the woods. Sometimes La Sayona becomes a beautiful woman and very attractive to men. La Sayona even can resemble someone who deeply loved the victim and then ask him to make love. While they are making love, La Sayona will turn into a beast and then she will eat and rip the man's body.

In another version also says that in a mountain, the woman will appear and go to the man in the lonely forest. She invites the victim for an affair and then invites the man to have sexual intercourse. At that time, she changes into the terrible creature and then eats the man. Some say that the woman will cut the male genital. Although many people in the forest say that they have met La Sayona, most of them still have their genitals.

Another version says that this woman has a lot of strange diseases in her genitals. She will transmit her illness through an intimate relationship with the man she invited to cheat. Consequently, the man wife assumes that her husband has met and has sex with La Sayona. It will make a crack in their household. It is important to note that there are many versions of the La Sayona story.

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