Revealing The Mystery Of Bruce Lee Death

Bruce Lee was a famous actor and one of the most influential martial artists of all time. His death became a mystery and many speculations appeared. Here, we will reveal the mystery behind Bruce Lee death. Bruce Lee was born in 1940 at a hospital in San Francisco. At the age of 6, Bruce had been acting for the first time in a movie called "A Beginning Of A Boy". When he was 14 years old after discussing with his mother, he decided to study martial arts.

The type of martial arts he learned was Wing Chun with Sifu Yip Man and also with Kung Fu master Siu Hon Sung. It usually took three weeks to master 30 Siu Hon Sung tricks, but Bruce Lee only needed three nights. Moreover, he also got the fencing skills from his father. Someday, her father made the decision to send Bruce to America to become a more responsible person. In San Francisco, Bruce was entrusted to his father's friend Ruby Chow, the owner of a restaurant. Bruce then decided to continue his studies in Seattle and majored in philosophy.

Revealing The Mystery Behind Bruce Lee Death
Bruce Lee

In 1961, he met a girl named Linda Emery. They fell in love and got married.  Then Brandon was born and followed by Shannon two years later. In 1964, in a karate tournament, Bruce demonstrated the legendary one-inch punches. A television show producer was impressed by Bruce's intensity and concentration. Then the producer approached him. After going through the screening test, Bruce finally got the role as a supporting role in the film, but his popularity beat the leading role.

The Mystery Behind Bruce Lee Death

With certain consideration, Bruce decided to continue his film career in Hong Kong. Some of the films starred, now Bruce is already considered a national hero. After various films were made and various successes were achieved, on May 10, 1973, Bruce suddenly fainted for half an hour while filling the dubbing for "Enter The Dragon". Then, the doctor gave him a prescription for Manatol, a remedy to overcome the symptoms of brain swelling.
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On July 20, 1973, Bruce planned to meet Raymond Chow and Betty Ting Pei who will be among the stars in the movie “Game of Death”. At Betty's house, Bruce complained of headaches and then he drank Aguagesic, Betty's common headache medicine. Then Bruce lay down. While he was sleeping, it turned out that the brain swelling attack came back. Finally, Bruce died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency room. The news of Bruce Lee's death was very surprising, even many people did not believe. Various speculations about his death sprang up such as:
  • He was killed by a gangster for refusing to pay security money, a common practice in the Hong Kong cinema world at the time
  • He was killed by an angry Shaolin swordsman because Bruce had spread Kung Fu to everyone around the world
  • Bruce died while having an affair with Betty Ting Pei
  • Most Chinese believe Bruce died from being too hard practicing Kung Fu

Regardless of the speculation above, medical facts said that Bruce Lee died after a coma because of Cerebral Edema. It is a swelling of the brain due to the excess fluid. Here are some things you might not know about Bruce Lee.
  • Bruce Lee had congenital defects such as has one long leg and one big testis
  • Bruce Lee actually used fairly thick glasses and he used a soft lens at that time
  • Bruce Lee was not 100% Chinese because his mother Grace Lee was a crossbreed of Chinese & German
  • The speed of Bruce Lee's punch was 1/500 seconds from a distance of about 1 meter to his target
  • Bruce Lee was a very strong man for his size. He can do pull-ups 50 times with one hand
  • Bolo Yeung or Chong Li who had big body was never winning arm wrestling against Bruce Lee
  • Bruce Lee can do push-ups with one hand and only with 2 fingers (forefinger and thumb)
  • In America, Bruce Lee taught Kung Fu to all races unintelligently. Because if that, he was challenged by another Kung Fu college with allegations of leaking the secrets of Chinese Martial Art to other races
  • Bruce Lee popularized the one-inch punch, a technique of boxing from a distance of 1 inch. At karate tournament, he practiced on a Japanese judo champion weighing about 100 kg, and then the Judo player was punched from a distance of 1 inch until he lifted his feet off the floor
  • Sometime before Bruce Lee's death, pa qua (a kind of amulet that was believed to ward off evil spirits) at Bruce Lee's house fell in the wind

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