Mystery Of Black Death The Deadly Black Plague

In the 13th century or in the year 1345, there had been a deadly plague which was known as the mystery of Black Death or Black Plague. The number of victims who died in the initial period of the outbreak reached 25 million people. Besides, attacking many victims on the Continent of Europe, the Black Death also attacked into the Middle East region in Asia with mortality rates reaching 95%. With the limitations of modern knowledge at the time, the mystery of Black Death epidemic was often associated with a mystical incident which could not be solved by common sense.

Mystery Of Black Death The Deadly Black Plague
Black Death

This disease began to infect for the first time around the year 1320 in Asia, precisely in Mongolia. This disease also destroyed almost all the local tribes in Mongolia. As for the symptoms that were caused by the Black Death plague was a headache followed by symptoms of fever, cold heat, white tongue, and swollen lymph nodes on the neck. The mysterious of Black Death became famous because of the presence of special appearance in patients. It was the form of the appearance of black spots on the body and all over the skin of people who infected. 

Mystery Of Black Death

At the stage of the appearance of black spots on the body had become an indication of death. The death is just waiting for time to take the life of the patient. The Black Death plague continued to spread to nearby countries such as China, India, to the Continent of Europe in 1345-1346. The outbreak killed more than 50 thousand lives.

Mystery Of Black Death The Deadly Black Plague
Black Death Spread

The lack of information at that time made people blame the gypsies, shamans, and mystical practitioners as the main cause of the emergence of this cursed disease. Therefore, there was a massacre against that people at that time. However, it did not eliminate the Black Death epidemic. The Black Death plague was getting rampant. Almost a third of the population in the Blue Continent or Europe was almost destroyed because of this mysterious disease.

Until the 17th century, the Black Plague was still occasionally attacked and killed some people who were infected with this disease. Until now, no definite conclusions have been found about the Black Death plague. The conclusion is summarized by modern researchers. They say that Black Plague or Black Death is a disease that is caused by the Yersinia Pestis virus. The virus is carried by rat fleas which are transmitted to mammals. 
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The latest development was launched by the Museum of London Archeology in March 2013. Some scientists will examine the 13 skeletal which dates from the 13th century at Charterhouse Square, London, England. The skeleton is estimated to be one of the victims of the Black Epidemic. Until now, we are still waiting for the next development of the final conclusion whether the black plague is a plague or not.

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