Revealing The Hello Kitty Facts And True Story

Hello Kitty Facts – Hello kitty is very famous character around the world. However, many people do not know the hello kitty facts and hello kitty true story. Hello kitty is a cute cat character with beautiful ribbons on its head. Behind the cute and funny appearance, there are mysterious hello kitty facts. Then, what exactly is the scary thing behind the hello kitty facts? Actually, this is also still confusing.

There are several versions of the origin of hello kitty which is widely known by the public. There are some versions that provide the good story, while other versions provide the terrible story. The following are some hello kitty facts.

Hello Kitty Facts and Hello Kitty True Story

There are some dark and scary stories relate to the hello kitty character. One of the scary stories that tell the origin of the creation of this cute cat named Kitty White is a story that is related to the devil. According to many sources that launch this horror story says that there once was a mother who loved her daughter with all his heart. It is said that she lived around the 1970s. However, a misfortune happened to her daughter. The child was diagnosed by a doctor with malignant cancer that attacks the child's mouth.

Revealing The Hello Kitty Facts And True Story
Hello Kitty Facts

The disease was so dangerous that she lost her ability to speak. Feeling sad about the state of her daughter, the mother tried everything to cure the illness of her beloved daughter. She had tried various medical treatments in various places, but the result was useless. Some people that she knew were recommending praying diligently to God. This is in order for God to deliver miracles for the healing of her daughter. She diligently went to the church every day relentlessly asking for help on her daughter's healing to God.

Unfortunately, the mother still could not find a miracle that cured her daughter of severe cancer. Being desperate, the mother finally went to perform a ritual calling the devil, then asked for help to heal her daughter. The mother then promised to the devil that she would create a character that was a representative of the devil. The character should be accepted by the wider community. The devil then healed the girl from cancer. Then, the mother kept her promise by creating a Hello Kitty character. From the story, many people believe that the character Hello kitty is actually a demon character who became the mother's helper.

Another Version of Hello Kitty Story

There is another version of the mystical story of Hello Kitty facts. According to many creepypasta forums, some speculate that the girl in the story died of the disease. Because of could not accept the death of her daughter, the mother continued to mourn until she became insane. Before she was really crazy, she made a cat doll that had no mouth (Hello Kitty). The cat doll was to replace her deceased daughter. The woman believed that the spirit of her departed daughter would dwell in the doll and stayed with her.

Revealing The Hello Kitty Facts And True Story
The Discovery of Skeleton

The cute and funny things faded away when Hello Kitty's name became a "title" of a murder case in Hong Kong around 1999. Because of the brutality, this case graced the headline of many newspapers for weeks. It is said that the beginning of this terrible case began when a woman named Leung Wai Lung reported the murder that was committed by his lover to the Police. The reason for the report was that she was often haunted by the spirits of the victim.

From the report, the police then immediately mobilized the action of arrest. What was surprising that they found a human skeleton (the victim) was kept inside a Hello Kitty doll in the form of a mermaid. From this discovery, the name Hello Kitty became the title of the news about the murder case.

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