Terrifying Ghost Legend Kuchisake Onna From Japan

The story of ghost legend Kuchisake Onna (A torn-mouth woman) is known as kind of stealth in mythology and urban legends in Japan. It is said that ghost legend Kuchisake Onna was a woman who had a torn mouth. In the urban legend of Japan, she always covers her mouth with an operating mask and often appears in quiet streets. The ghost legend Kuchisake Onna is a famous terrifying ghost from Japan. This terrifying ghost also is made into many movies.

Ghost Legend Kuchisake Onna

Kuchisake Onna usually asks the person that she meets if she is beautiful or not. If the person answers no or fears of seeing her scary face, then suddenly she will kill the person. In the legend, Kuchisake Onna was a young woman who lived in the Heian era. Maybe she was the wife or concubine of a samurai.

Kuchisake Onna

Unfortunately, she felt arrogant because she was blessed with a very beautiful face. Not only that, she also had an affair with her husband. Her husband then felt very jealous and betrayed. He then attacked her and then split her mouth from the left ear to the right ear. “Now who says you are beautiful?" the husband sneered to her after torn her mouth. 

In another version of this urban legend story, it is said that Kuchisake Onna was a woman who was the victim of failed face surgery. The doctor was wearing pomade or a type of hair oil with a very pungent smell. When being operated, the woman could not calm because of the smell. So, the doctor accidentally cut her mouth. Then the woman became hysterical and angry. Instantly, she killed the doctor. Later, the woman was killed by the people and later became a curious ghost.

There are also several other versions of the origin of ghost legend Kuchisake Onna, but less popular. For example, the woman became a victim of traffic accident whose face was damaged. This ghost will cover her torn mouth using operating masks when appears and haunt the city at night, especially when the day is foggy. 

Terrifying Story of Kuchisake Onna

When meeting someone, Kuchisake Onna will ask, "Am I beautiful?". If the person answers "yes," then she will open her mask and then ask again "Even if like this?". After seeing the torn mouth, if the person answers no, then the person will be killed using scissors, machetes, scythe, or other sharp weapons. However, if the person answers yes, then Kuchisake-onna will be happy and release the victim.

Kuchisake Onna

The ghost legend Kuchisake onna was quite popular in the 1970s. There was a story that said if you wanted to survive from this ghost, you should answered “ordinary” when asked. Another version of the 2000s, the victim should answered “pretty good” to escape from her. Another thing that can be done also by saying "pomade" three times, some people mention 6 times. That would scare her because it would remind her back about the surgeon who had ruined her face.

It is also said that Kuchisake-onna ghost will kill a bully. This is because she was bullied when she was young before died. This terrifying hhost will be angry and then will slice the neck of the merciless bully.

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