Rare Phenomenon Of The Sun Dog Or Twin Sun

The sun twin phenomenon includes the rare phenomenon and ever happens many in the other part of the world. Many people who see it always relate this phenomenon to mystical things or about the end of the world. The phenomenon is indeed extraordinary and of course rare. However, this phenomenon is actually a well-known atmospheric phenomenon in the world of science. The name of the phenomenon is the Sun Dog that looks simultaneously with the Parhelic Circle and sometimes called as the phenomenon of the twin sun.

The Sun Dog phenomenon or Parhelion is a phenomenon when we can see an additional set of light on both sides of the sun. Sometimes, this collection of light can look like a ball that makes us think that this light is an extra sun. This phenomenon occurs only in very rare atmospheric conditions. For those who see it is a very lucky person. If you look at the photo below, of course, you understand why this phenomenon is called Sun Dog. Sun Dog occurs when the sunlight shines through a collection of hexagonal crystal glacial plates which is arranged horizontally in the sky and causes the light to be deflected with a minimum angle of 22 degrees.

 Sun Dog or Twin Sun Phenomenon

This process can be likened to the process of the creation of a rainbow formed by sunlight that shines on water droplets in the sky. This phenomenon can appear anywhere and anytime. However, Sun Dog will be easier to see when the sun is in a lower position in Horizon. At sunrise, the sun will rise higher and Sun Dog will also shift from a 22-degree angle. As the sun got even higher, the Sun Dog vanished. Generally, Sun Dog is red when he is at the closest distance from the sun. As it moves away from the sun, the color will turn towards blue.

Parhelic Circle is the white curved line that penetrates the sun. Although it is often seen only a piece, sometimes, this curved line can form a perfect circle in the sky. Just like the Sun Dog, Parhelic Circle is also formed due to sunlight being deflected by hexagonal crystal ice. However, to get the Parhelic Circle, the hexagonal crystal ice must be in a vertical or almost vertical position. The phenomenon of Sun Dog can be seen without the Parhelic Circle but can also be seen with Parhelic Circle.

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