Mystery Of Crystal Skull You Should Know

The crystal skull was first discovered in the Mayan ruins and buried deep within the dense forest. In 1924, the English explorer Frederick Mitchell Hedges and his colleagues were adventuring to find the remains of the legendary city of Atlantis in Belize, Central America. One day in the dense forest, the group discovered the long-lost Lubaantun city which in May means a falling stone city. Throughout the excavations at the site, Mitchell-Hedges's adopted daughter, Anna had found a skull made of crystals buried under the altar in one of the ruins of a pyramid-shaped temple.

Mystery of Crystal Skull Discovery
Crystal Skull

Since the discovery, several other skeletons crystal has been discovered. Currently, there are at least six other skulls stored in world-renowned museums. All these skulls are still unknown. Most owners believed that the skull came from Central America whether it was from the Mayans, Aztecs or even tribe from the period before the Maya, the mysterious tribe of Atlantis. In the 1970s, Anna Mitchell Hedges handed the skull to a team from Hewlett Packard for research that was an expert in the field of crystals.

What the team found from Hewlett Packard was shocking. They found that the crystal skull base material was the same as that used in the electronics industry today. The material is called piezoelectric silicon dioxide which is widely used because of its ability to store data. Many other scientific types of research were done to know the origin of the skull. In 1996, the British Museum in collaboration with Dr. Walsh and Smithsonian researched all existing crystal skulls by taking them to the British Museum Research Laboratory. Six skulls began to be examined in April 1996 and for unknown reasons, the British Museum never wanted to publish the results.

For scientists, the skull may be an unsolved mystery but for the native tribes of America, the skull is not a mystery. According to them, the skull cannot be understood by placing it under a microscope. The skull is meant to bring fundamental challenges to our rational mind and the way we view the world. For shamans from the tribes of Central America, the skull is a medium to another dimension of spirit. They also believe that the human spirit can walk and enter the world through a crystal skull.

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