Mystery Of Jelangkung Game From Indonesia

In Indonesia, Jelangkung is very well-known. In fact, many of Indonesian people play it on the bench using to wonder about the future. Jelangkung is an open game of wooden puppets which is full of supernatural powers. The game is to summon the spirits or ghosts to come and get inside the doll. Jelangkung itself is a game of inheritance from the ancestors. The Jelangkung game is usually played by three or four people. The person who later reads the spell to summon the ghost is the person who holds the doll and prepares the stationery.

Mystery behind the Jelangkung Game from Indonesia

Jelangkung game is often played in a haunted place and at night. If you are a stranger to the spiritual world, of course, this game is dangerous. Moreover, if you who do not understand the unseen world. The reason is that the people who play Jelangkung will experience a strange incident such as possessed and even terrorized many times by ghosts who are called when playing Jelangkung. Therefore, do not ever try to play Jelangkung just because of curiosity if you do not want to experience supernatural things you do not want. Below is one of the mantras when playing Jelangkung “Kejawen” version.

“Hong…… ilaheng,heh jagad alusan roh gentayangan,jaelangkung jaelengsat siro, ning kene ono, siro angslupo,yen siro teko wenehono tondo, Hayo enggalo teko… hayo ndang angslupo.”

Jelangkung will be able to answer the questions asked by players through the tools that have been provided. However, please note that this game is very dangerous. It should not be done carelessly because sometimes we have to fill a number of requests Jelangkung, for example delivering the spirit back to a place. If we cannot fulfill it, then later we will get various problems. One of the problems is constantly terrorized by the ghosts who come when we play Jelangkung.

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