Famous People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 1

Actually, there are thousands of people who disappear mysteriously. Their existence is unknown until now whether they abducted, escaped from home, murdered or the accident. However, there are some events of the mysterious disappearance of people that until now has not been revealed and became the center of public attention for many years. The following are the case of the disappearance of people.

Amelia Earhart in 1937

This is the case of the most famous disappearance of all time. What happened to the 39 years old female aviator and his navigator Fred Noonan have been the source of many speculations until now. At that time, she was on a mission around the world from New Guinea to a small island called the island of Howland. Since then, she disappeared and never be heard again. Many speculations raised then. There is a theory that she was stranded in a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, some claim that Amelia Earhart was captured by the Japanese while crossing the Marshall Islands in a secret spy mission given by Roosevelt's president to her. The logical explanation was that they got lost and run out of fuel that forcing them to land in the ocean that might be fatal. However, the airframe and bones of Amelia Earhart have been found until now.

Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 1
Amelia Earhart

Harold Holt in 1967

Harold Holt is the Prime Minister of Australia. On a Sunday morning in December 1967, the Prime Minister went swimming and he has not been seen since then. Massive searching was done. It was the largest search and rescue operation that ever undertaken in Australia. However, his body was never been found. Many rumors were surrounding about the mysterious disappearance of the Prime Minister, but still, until now, the disappearance of Harold Holt remains a mystery.

Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 1
Harold Holt

Raoul Wallenberg in 1945

Raoul Wallenberg was very popular in Sweden. He was a well-known Swedish diplomat for his courage to have saved about 20,000 Hungarian Jews during World War II. However, he was arrested on charges of espionage by the Soviet army in Hungary after World War 2. Since then, his existence became a mystery although there were hundreds of sightings of him by various eyewitnesses in Soviet prisons. In 2001 after 10 years of research by Swedish and Russian researchers’ panel team, they concluded that Wallenberg might die as a result of being executed by the Soviet army in 1947. But until now, there is no solid evidence to support that conclusion.

Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 1
Raoul Wallenberg

Joseph Force Crater in 1930

Although he is not so well known today in his time, he was well known a judge for the high court of New York. He disappeared with his girlfriend Sally Lou Ritz and became the largest news and search for missing persons in the 20th century. Some speculation said that the judge had a problem with the mafia. There was also a mention that the judge deliberately alienated from his girlfriend starting a new life in a new place. However, the judge and his girlfriend disappearance remain a mystery after more 80 years of disappearance.
Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 1
Joseph Force Crater

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