Famous People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 2

Actually, there are thousands of people who disappear mysteriously. Their existence is unknown until now whether they abducted, escaped from home, murdered or the accident. However, there are some events of the mysterious disappearance of people that until now has not been revealed and became the center of public attention for many years. The following are the case of the disappearance of people continuing the previous article.

Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli in 1927

In 1927, there was a championship across the Atlantic channel from Paris to New York. Charles Nungesser and his navigator Francois Coli followed the competition. They disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and since then they have never been heard again. The most possibility, they fell into the Atlantic Ocean even though there was a claim that they managed to enter the American mainland to the New Found land or Maine. Then they fell in the vast forest area. Nevertheless, until now their plane named White Bird is not found the rest of its debris.

Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 2
Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli

Glenn Miller in 1944

Glenn Miller was a musician and leader of a famous American Jazz band. He reportedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances as he traveled to France from Britain to celebrate the free of Paris. It was unknown what happened to the single-engine aircraft that Miller drove when crossing the Channel Strait which is separating England and France. Moreover, there was no trace of Miller and his plane. Many speculations appeared after that such as a German fighter plane managed to shoot down his plane or the plane was hit by a blast from a bomb. Whatever the cause, but until now Miller's disappearance remains a mystery.

Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 2
Glenn Miller 

Percy Fawcett in 1925

Percy was an archaeologist and explorer. In 1925, Percy and his eldest son Jack and his friend Raleigh Rimmel explored the Amazon jungle in Brazil to search for the hidden Golden City. No one knew their fate. Since entering the Amazon forest, the small group of adventurers has not heard of their news or their fate until now. There was some news of sightings of Percy Fawcett at that time and the contradictory reports and theories that explained the disappearance of the archaeologist.

Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 2
Percy Fawcett

Jimmy Hoffa in 1975

Jimmy Hoffa was well-known trade union figure in America and had close relations with the Mafia. He was thought to disappear on 30 July 1975 at about 2:45 pm in a parking from a restaurant called Machus red fox near Detroit. Actually, it was not surprising especially if you were a member of the mafia family. The most possibility, he was killed by a hitman from the rival mafia family. The mystery was where they buried Jimmy Hoffa's body. One of the popular theories said that his body was buried in the Giant Stadium field in New Jersey. You can read his detail disappearances in Mystery of the Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. 

Famous People who Disappeared Mysteriously Part 2
Jimmy Hoffa

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