Revealing the Mystery and History of Zombie

Zombies actually originate and emerge from the island of Haiti in the Caribbean. They are almost dead people then revived from the almost dead body by the priests or shamans Voodoo. They are usually used as slaves for the rest of their miserable lives. Like humans, zombies can move, eat, hear, and talk but they have no memory and insight into their condition. 

Reveal the Mystery and History of Zombie

History of Zombie

The legend of zombies has been around for centuries, but only in 1980, a new case was documented. The story began in 1962 in Haiti. A man named Clairivius Narcisse was sold to one of the Voodoo Shamans by his brother because Clairivius refused to sell his share of the family land.

Soon, Clairivius was made to die and buried. However, he did not really die, but he was made into a zombie and employed in sugarcane plantations with other zombie workers. In 1964, after the zombie owners died, the zombies eventually spread and wandered through the island in a state of the daze for about 16 years before they were arrested.

Revealing the Mystery of Zombie

Dr.Wade Davis, an ethnobiologist from Harvard University decided to go to Haiti to examine the truth of the story. There, he met some voodoo shamans who practiced zombie making. Basically to make the zombie, make people die first and then make them crazy. So, their minds can be subdued.

How to make them die is not as we imagine such as by hit stab or others, but by a mixture of bufo frog skin and puffer fish that is added to the food or applied to the skin. Because of the toxic contents, a few minutes later, the victims will look like dead with very slow and weak breath and heartbeat.

After they were buried by their family, the shamans have to wait for about a few hours to dig and then take the body. To make the victim crazy, the shamans force them to eat a kind of pasta made from Datura or grass jimson.

Datura is a plant that contains chemicals atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine which when consumed will cause us to lose memory and breaks the mind with reality and then destroys all existing memories. After consuming it, they will be confused and do not know everything. After that, the zombie is sold to sugarcane plantations as slave workers.


In fact, the actual zombie is not as depicted in games or films that are generally dead who can rise again, walk, then can move to attack humans. The real zombies are usually used as slaves for the rest of their miserable lives.

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