Mystery Of The Disappearance Of Mayan Civilization

The experts want to know the cause of the fall of Maya Civilization. Some theories that debate the fall of the Maya civilization are very diverse. The causes are like great calamities, civil war over territory, and infertile soil. The theory that is quoted from History mentions that cause.

Maya Civilization

From the 8th century until the end of the 9th century, something happened that shook the Maya civilization or better known as a large earthquake. One by one the ancient cities in the southern lowlands were abandoned. In the year 900, the Mayan civilization in the region collapsed and disappeared. The collapse of Mayan civilization is not known for certain although some experts have developed several theories.

Mystery of the Disappearance of Mayan Civilization
Mayan Civilization

The Destruction and Disappearance of the Maya

Some believe that in the 9th century, the Maya tribe experienced exhaustion of their surroundings because no longer could maintain the very large population. In other words, the competition between tribes that led to the destruction of a tribe. The researchers also argued that the constant war between the state and city that lead the military from the royal family fight over power. Then, trade alliances between them were broken along with the traditional system of dynastic power.

Finally, some environmental and catastrophic changes (very long periods of drought) eradicated the civilizations of the ancient Maya. Drought hit towns like Tikal where rainwater was needed for drinking as well as for crop irrigation. These three factors (overpopulation, territorial seizures, and infertile soil or drought) took a part to play a role in the disappearance of Mayan civilization in the southern lowlands. In the Yucatan plateau, some Mayan towns such as Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and Mayapan continued to grow in the Post-Classic Period (900-1500 AD).

When the Spanish invaders came, most of the Maya still lived in villages that lived in agriculture and their big cities were buried beneath the rainforest. Until now, there are no theories and notes which certainly depict the collapse of Mayan civilization even though many theories have been excluded, but the virtual tribe remains a mystery history.

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