Mystery Of The Beast Of Gevaudan Monster

The event took place in Gevaudan, France, in the mid-1700s. More than 100 residents were killed by the attack of a mysterious creature that called The Beast of Gevaudan. The horror incident is still a mystery that is not solved until now. No one can be sure of the exact number of victims of the Gevaudan creature attack. However, Dr. Beaufort who had researched this case found that there were at least 210 attacks associated with this creature. Of the 210 attacks, there were 49 wounded, 113 people were killed, and 98 of them died with the condition of the body mutilated due to eating.

Mystery of the Beast of Gevaudan a Killer Monster
The Beast of Gevaudan Attack

It all started on June 1, 1764. At that time, a 14 years old girl came out to shepherd her cattle to a pasture near Gevaudan in southern France. As she watched her cattle, she looked toward the bushes. A moment later, a large animal like a dog came out of the bushes and immediately ran towards her. Although this animal had a dog-like appearance, its body was very large and almost equal to a buffalo. Fortunately, she brought some dogs for protection purposes. These dogs immediately attacked it. The creature finally retreated and disappeared into the distance.

After the incident in the pasture, it began to appear frequently and spread terror that took the lives of more than 100 people. In the same year on June 30, the monster made its first victim, a 14 years old girl named Jeanne Boulet who was found dead near the village of Les Hubacs, not far from Gevaudan with a torn chest and a shattered heart. The description of the monster based on witnesses was not in accordance with any animal known at the time. On many occasions, the creature appeared and attacked the inhabitants.

Every victim was killed by a terrible corpse condition, generally with a torn neck and a mutilated body. In many victims, clearly, there were marks of being eaten. At that time, there was a rumor if the beast was actually a Loup Garou or Werewolf. In January 1765, there was an event that eventually made the French king join in to hunt the beast. The king decided to send professional wolf hunters. The hunters managed to kill a large wolf that had a height of 80 cm with a length of up to 1.7 meters.  However, the bloody attack was not over. This indicated that Antoine had killed the wrong monster.

In the following months, the victim continued to fall. In 1767, the attacks suddenly stopped and many people believed that the Beast of Gevaudan had died. Unfortunately, this story ended unclearly. The historians have many different theories about the end of the attack. The most popular theory is the theory of werewolf. In addition, its extraordinary body size does not match to any animal characteristics. But many theories do not have sufficient evidence to confirm it. The beast of Gevaudan attack which killed many people is still a mystery until now.  

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