Mystery Of Oak Island Treasure You Should Know

A treasure has been buried for a long time on Oak Island. From the end of the 1700s, various attempts have been made to dig the treasures of Oak Island, but there is no result and still a mystery until now. It can be said that the ancient technology once again proves its greatness to deceive the modern technology.

Early Invention of Oak Island Treasures

One day in the summer of 1795, a teenager named Daniel McGinnis was walking through an area on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. He felt curious about a strange-looking ground and on the low ground, there was a tree. Because Daniel ever heard of pirate stories in the area, he decided to go home and called his friend to dig the ground. A few days later McGinnis with his two friends, John Smith (19 years) and Anthony Vaughan (16 years) started digging the hole.

Mystery of Oak Island Treasure
The Treasure in Oak Island

At a depth of 2 meters, they found a large stone tile that covered the hole. Then at a depth of 10 meters, they found an oak shaped layer covering the hole. The same layer also was found at a depth of 20 meters and 30 meters. Feeling that it was no longer possible to dig, they decided to go back home and through careful planning. They then left the hole for 8 years. In 1802, Simon Lynds visited the hole because he was impressed with the story of the 3 friends.

With the help of Onslow Company, Simon continued the digging. At a depth of 40 meters, they found another protective layer every 10 meters to a depth of 90 meters. The digging team found a clue. A flat rock 3 with meters long and 1 meter wide contained strange letters and odd numbers. At a depth of 93 meters, the soil began to enter the soft mud layer. The excavations were then stopped on that day. The next day when the excavation team returned, they were surprised to find that their hole had been filled with water as high as 33 meters. The project finally stopped.

The First Sign of a Treasure

In 1849 then, the Truro Company was the following the previous company to uncover the mystery on the island of Oak. At a depth of 98 meters, the team later found 4 inches of oak wood and a 22-inch thick metal layer. One part of the drill also found several chain strands made of gold. As the drilling progressed, suddenly one of the crew found that the water in the hole turned out to be salt water. This indicated if the designers of this hole had succeeded in making smart trap holes that were designed to flood a hole if someone started to find the treasure.

The Further searches continued in 1866, 1893, 1909, 1931 and 1936 with modern methods. Until now, drilling continues by Blankenship and Briton and found a steel tube at 237 meters long. Until now, Some theories are circulating in the community about who is actually the owner of the treasure but no one knows for sure the owner of the treasure that still in mystery,

The Riddle Posts on the Stone Carving

As we know, at the depth of 90 meters was found a rock containing strange writing. The strange writing is:

Mystery of Oak Island Treasure
The Writing on a Rock

Then a professor of language at Halifax University in 1866 once tried to translate the script.

The letter

Thus, the results of the language change become like this:

The Translation

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