Popular Mystery Of The Hollow Earth Theory

Legend mentions that there is a life in underground and its entrance is located at the North Pole. The legend has emerged since the time of Plato's belief that the earth is full of tunnel and hole that is known as hollow earth. No one knows that the legend is right or no. the thought of holes in the bowels of the earth is very popular among science fiction writers. Even some authors show their estimation calculations as well as experiments to prove the planet earth has holes in it.

Mystery of Life in Underground and Hollow Earth Theory
 Hollow Earth Theory

Doctor of Geology and minerals from Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Mark Sadikov said that human will not get into the bowels of the earth because there was no hole in the North Pole. The northern region is a deep-sea zone. The research officials at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Maria Gavrilo also said there had never been a hole in the north while doing research in the region. In the 21st century, the possibilities for that hole had examined again.

The experts who proponents the Earth's hole theory mention different magnetic fields as indications. They also refer to the aurora rays that are the emerging gas at the poles. The proponents of the theory say the compass always behaves strangely when approaching the poles. However, Maria Gavrilo denies the theory of the magnetic field.  He called the magnetic fields in the north and south poles continue to move widely. The research at the two poles also shows that both are unstable and move actively.

Meanwhile, the appearance of Aurora Polaris is a unique phenomenon generated by atoms in the upper atmosphere. The Aurora is an oval zone above the poles. The Researchers say that it is normal if compass becomes uncontrollable when approaching the poles because the earth's magnetic field is very strong near the poles. The majority of hollow ideas in the earth are based largely on assumptions and not scientific data.

According to the study, the holes that exist are only karst caves. Life in the earth or underground is also impossible because there is not enough room beneath the surface of the earth. The hollow earth theory of planet will continue to be a mystery because until now, the layer of the earth that is called the lithosphere is still a mystery and no one knows what is in the deeper layers of that layer.

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