Mystery Behind The Sinking Of Titanic Ship

On April 14, 1912, the Titanic ship which became the pride of the White Star Line sea transport company hit an iceberg in the South of Newfoundland and drowned with most of the crew and passengers on its first journey from London to New York. The sinking of the Titanic ship is the most horrific cruise disaster of this century and causing the death of 1,675 people. What had really happened? Many questions appeared due to the accident because how the Pacific Giant which was regarded as the most beautiful, greatest, and safest ship in the world could suffer so badly and drowned.

Mystery behind the Sinking of Titanic Ship
Titanic Ship

The investigative efforts that were held never succeeded in explaining the causes of the disaster. The investigators have never been able to find the cause why Captain Smith who holds the command of the ship acted so strangely. Smith was a great sailor. However, on the day of the disaster, he had very strange acts. The most obvious was that he had taken an unusual path and sailed at a speed exceeding the limit, and did not want to ask for help from another ship which sailed also in the area.

Strangely, the investigators had been able to collect information from passengers who were not a victim that Captain Smith did not tell them how to save their self until the last moment. The facts are actually raising other questions. In a maximal effort to find the reasonable explanation about these strange events, they managed to bring up a surprising allegation. At the time of the disaster, Titanic not only carried passengers and foods but also an Egyptian mummy. The mummy belonged to a British collector, Lord Canterville who sent it from London to New York.

The mummy was the corpse of a fortune-teller who lived in the days of Amenophis IV. His grave has been found in Tell el-Amarna and the mummy wears a lot of fetish objects. Especially under his head, there is an amulet which contains the image of the god Osiris with writing "Awaken from your deep sleep, your eyes will beat everything done to you”. Additionally, because the antique amulet is extraordinary value, it is not loaded in the room of the goods.

The mummy was closed tightly in a wooden crate and firmly fortified, and then it placed behind Captain Smith's command place. In the "Magic Egypt", London of 1961, John Newbargton wrote "That mummy which caused the madness of Captain Smith. The mummy must be equipped with a radioactive broadcasting protection system which had also damaged all shipping equipment from the Titanic vessel ".

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