Mysterious Creature Cadborosaurus In Nushagak Bay

In 2009, there was a rumor that a fisherman in Alaska had managed to record a mysterious creature called Cadborosaurus and handed the recording to the Discovery Channel. The rumor was true and at that day, the Discovery channel would show the recording exclusively. On the recording, there is the appearance of a long creature like a snake swimming in the bay. The size is approximately 6 to 9 meters with a hump on his back and also sprayed water from his back like a whale.

Mysterious Creature of Cadborosaurus in Nushagak Bay

When you see the creature on the tape, people will immediately connect it with Nessie from Lochness, Scotland. However, the cryptozoologists who witnessed it found that the creature was more similar to other cryptid creatures, the Cadborosaurus. Cadborosaurus has the nickname Cadborosaurus Willsi which means reptile or lizard from Cadboro Bay. However, sometimes people just call it a Caddy. This creature is considered as one type of sea snake which has a head like a horse, big eyes, and a humped back.

The appearance of such creatures has been reported for decades. But only in 1937 was found its carcass in Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia. The carcass was found in the belly of a whale. Since then, the name Cadborosaurus has become widely known. The mysterious carcass of Cadborosaurus was later investigated and concluded as the carcass of a pope's son. However, this conclusion was rejected by some people including by the workers who discovered it first. Mysteriously, the carcass was then lost somewhere.

Therefore, the Alaskan recording becomes important for cryptozoologists who want to re-examine the possibility of the existence of this creature. Many researchers believe that Cadborosarus is a kind of giant eel or Frill Shark. Of course, the only way to determine the identity of the creature is to find the mysterious creature. This tape may be a benchmark for cryptozoologists.

Jim Covel, senior manager at Monterey Bay Aquarium, summed it up very well. "We still find many new species in the ocean that allowing some people to accommodate these thoughts and fill the existing void with imagination. However, this shows how much scientific exploration is needed." No one knows, maybe one day that mysterious Cadborosaurus will reappear.

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