History Of Black Cat Becomes Horror Symbol

In horror movies, it always presents a black cat as a background and horror symbol. Black cat accessories also often appear in events that relate to the mystical and magical world. Some people believe that the presence of black cats is always identified with the coming of the supernatural things or ghosts. Usually, black cats do not come in any place and time but only in the quiet and sacred places as their favorite places.

History of Black Cat Becomes Horror and Magical Symbol
Black Cat 

The belief in black cats originated from history in ancient Babylonian. At that time, a black cat was offered in a ritual ceremony to be burned along with other offerings. This myth arose because there was a black cat that sleeps tightly in the middle of a snake and the snake was a symbol of evil. This understanding continued to grow until the middle ages in many countries. In Germany, there is a belief that if a black cat jumps into a sick person's bed, the death will come to the sick person.

The beliefs of the Normans, they believe that if on the way you see a black cat is crossing when full moon, then you will be attacked by an epidemic. In Finland, the people there believe that black cats are bringing human souls to the afterlife. In China, the presence of a black cat is a sign that they will get sick or will fall into poverty. The story is little changed elsewhere. In India, the reincarnated soul can be liberated by throwing a black cat into the fire.

There is also another belief which says that the black cat is one of the witches' disguises. Although no witness ever witnesses a magician turning into a black cat or a black cat turn into a magician, they still believe it. Another belief says that black cats are the witch's partners to complete their evil deeds. Believe it or not, if a black cat has anything to do with the spiritual world is all up to you.

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