Ghost Town In Argentina Reappear After 25 Years

For 25 years, the Epecuen City of Argentina sank 10 meters below the surface of the water. Suddenly, the city reappeared to the mainland and offered a landscape like a ghost abandon town. The buildings that have collapsed, rusted car frames and the poles that stood sideways to make anyone who accidentally through Epecuen stopped immediately. This is a dead city that just wakes up from sleeping under the water. According to Daily Mail on Monday (20/05/2013), this city used to attract 20,000 tourists in a season.

Ghost Town in Argentina Reappear After 25 Years Sinking
Epecuen City

Epecuen is a city that was built on the shores of salt water lake and accommodates of 1,500 residents. During the summer, the city is often visited by tourists who want to enjoy the sun while swimming in the saltwater lake. The majority of tourists come from Buenos Aires which is mostly a Jewish community who are happy to take a vacation here. This lake has a salty content 10 times higher than in the ocean. So, the Jewish communities feel like to be swimming in the Dead Sea, Israel.

However, there was incident in 1985. On November 10, 1985, heavy rain began to fall accompanied by the terrible storm. The rain never stopped that causing the lake water began to overflow. Because this town was on the edge of the lake, the city was also slowly flooded and ended sinking as deep as 10 meters from the surface of the water. After 25 years in the water, the city suddenly re-appeared into the mainland. Most likely the city is returning to the mainland because the water has begun to recede after so long.

This phenomenon not only attracts attention for people who have ever lived there, but also for tourists. Everyone is curious to see the ruins, the dead trees that are still standing, the vehicles and poles or other rusted items as well as the crumbling ground. Because of drowned in water with high salt concentrations, this dead city is almost entirely covered with white like chalk. The water still looks stagnant in some parts. This dead city somehow gives its own mysterious impression.

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