Unsolved Mystery Of Angels Hair You Should Know

There is a mystery named Angels Hair that until now it is still unsolved. Angels Hair is the puff of the white hair on the ground but strangely when we touch it then the angel hair will disappear into the air. Some people even relate this phenomenon to UFO existence. In the history of the oddities of the world, this phenomenon may include the most bizarre. Since hundreds of years ago, many witnesses reported seeing white matter like cobwebs fell to earth. The phenomenon was known as Angel's Hair.

Unsolved Mystery of Angels Hair
Angels Hair

Actually, this phenomenon was not something new. In a book entitled "The Natural History of Selbourne" that was published in the 18th century, Gilbert White told that on September 21, 1741, while he was walking toward his field in the late afternoon, he found the grass to be sticky and seemed to be covered by cobwebs. Then at 9 pm, a strange event occurred in the region. Gilbert White wrote that “The spider web rain happens there and continues until the day ends. Most of the falling material is not just a floating spider, but like pieces that range in length from 5 to 6 inches".

"The materials are falling at a fairly high speed indicating that it is heavier than the earth's atmosphere." After the story was told by White, similar phenomena began to be reported from around the world. For example, in October 1820, silk-like material fell in the town of Pernambuco, Brazil, covering an area of up to 90 miles. In 1881, white spider's cobweb fell in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There was even a spider web with a length of up to 60 feet found. The discovery of Angel's Hair seemed to be happening in almost all the world ranging from the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although the community reports on this phenomenon had been noted for centuries but started in 1952, people linked it to the UFO phenomenon. The appearance of UFO accompanied by spider web rain was also reported in Australia on August 19, 1998. At that time, the residents of the town of Quirindi, New South Wales, saw 20 silver-shaped objects crossed the sky. A moment later, material like cobwebs began to fall to earth. This strange event received extensive coverage of international media.

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