The Unsolved Mystery Of Chinese Pyramid

Many people must know the Egypt Pyramid. Unfortunately, not many people know that pyramids are also known in other ancient cultures including in China, the unsolved mystery of the Chinese pyramid. The riddle pyramid which is hidden in China has been discussed since the daily newspaper of the United States, Rocky Mountain News that published March 31, 1947, showed a picture of a gigantic pyramid clearly which was taken by pilot Maurice Sheahan at the end of World War II.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Chinese Pyramid
Chinese Pyramid

Maurice Sheahan took the photo while he was airing over the territory of Shensi Province, China. Similar to the Pyramids in Bosnia, the Chinese Pyramids at first glance looked like hills or mountains. The wild plants that grew on the entire body of the pyramid obscured the view of the real shape of this building. No one had expected before that behind the thick blanket of wild vegetation was hidden treasures of ancient architecture that are priceless. This building might be part of the white pyramid legend story in China.

Some archaeologist who had visited the ancient sites in Shensi province estimated the height of one pyramid reached 300 meters, more than twice as high as the Egyptian pyramids. These pyramids were estimated to be 4500 years old. However, according to records of two Australian merchants in 1912, a local monk told them that the pyramid had been built 5,000 years ago. A German researcher, Hartwig Hausdorf said that there were approximately hundreds of pyramids scattered in the Shensi area. The size also varied. The smallest had high as 4 - 5 meters while the largest had a size similar to the Sun pyramid in ancient sites Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Some of the pyramids are now a tourist spot and the pyramids have several small museums attaches to them. The information about these pyramids is not much. The existence of the authority of local resident who rejects the excavation becomes a further inhibiting factor for research. Either the serious professionals or dedicated fans believe that the number of Chinese pyramids that are known only a fraction of the many structures that actually exist is scattered throughout China.  

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