Stigmata The Unsolved Case of Mystical Event

Some fanatical Christians are experiencing the suffering as experienced by Christ. Stigmata cases continue even today without unclear cause. Stigmata mean the wound that Jesus suffered since he was arrested, prosecuted, and crucified. The people who experience Stigmata also suffered injuries in various parts of the body like Jesus. The blood is not from a disease. The wounds often remain for a long time but do not get an infection. The medical world is filled with many questions because the wound appears and disappear with its own.

Stigmata the Unsolved Case of Mystical Events
Stigmata Case

The appearance of Stigmata wound is suspected depending on the conscious condition until the condition of trance when the recipient of the stigmata is united with the suffering of Christ. Stigmata usually occur during Easter, on the big day of the church on Fridays especially Easter Fridays which is known as Good Friday. The case of Stigmata occurs mainly in the Roman Catholic Church. The church also has no fundamental answer to the cause.

The earliest Stigmata case was reported centuries ago in 1224. Actually, since 1909 there have been many cases of Stigmata reported. Saint Francis of Assisi experienced Stigmata while undergoing a spiritual retreat in Alvernia Mount, Italy. Father Pio Fortgione obtained Stigmata in 1915 at the age of 28. Since then, he had continued to experience Stigmata until his death in 1968. Father Pio was one of the most respected Stigmata recipients. In the palms of his hands, there was a hole-shaped wound so he always experienced pain.

Another case, Theresia Neumann was a poor Bavaria who suffered from an incurable illness. She experienced Stigmata in 1926. The wound appeared in his hands, stomach, and forehead. Her body weight also dropped dramatically. A number of doctors who examined her were surprised to see the fact. Although she did not secrete and her digestive system was damaged, she could live long. Stigmata cases like this continue even today.

Many experiments were conducted to present Stigmata through hypnosis but the result worse. The wound makes the skin red and bleeding. All these explanations still unsolved the mystery of Stigmata until now. The only possible explanation, the Stigmata must have a connection with the subconscious mind of the Stigmata recipient with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The real cause is certainly still a mystery.

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