Revealing The Mystery Of Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience often occurs in some people who are dying or even in some case it happens suddenly to some people. Many questions appear about near death experienced because the people who experience it have been diagnosed accurately dead but for many minutes later the dead people awake which make everyone shocked. What is really going on at the time of apparent death? Commonly, the near-death experience has certain common characteristics but there are also different patterns. Here are some common traits when someone is experiencing suspended animation.

Near Death Experience

  • Feelings of serenity, these feelings may include peace, death, emotional and physical endurance
  • The pure intensity of the non-painful light, the intensity of this light sometimes fills the room but there is also someone just see the light coming from heaven or God
  • The out-of-body experience (OBE), people feel they have left their bodies and can see the doctors who work for them
  • Entering other dimensions, this usually depends on the belief and experience
  • Walking in the tunnel, many dormant people find themselves in a tunnel with the light at the end and meeting other spirit beings
  • Can communicate with the spirit, before the near-death ends many people who report can communicate with other spirits and order to return to his body

Theories that explain about near-death experience are divided into two basic categories namely scientific explanation (medical, physiological and psychological) as well as supernatural explanations (spiritual and religious). Supernaturally, a dormant person actually experiences and remembers things that happen with consciousness but without the body. When a person approaches death, his soul leaves the body and begins to feel things that normally cannot be felt. The soul goes through the border between living in the world and living in the afterlife.

Scientifically, the process of suspended animation is very complex, subjective, and emotional. The mechanism behind some of these experiences is the way of the brain to process sensory information. What someone sees around is just the sum of all the sensory information that the brain receives at a given moment. This may be caused by drugs or some form of trauma that causes the person's brain to close. Some experts theorize that neurological disorders or information overload that is sent to the brain's visual cortex are creating a picture of bright light that gradually becomes larger. The brain can interpret this as moving in a dark tunnel.

During experiencing suspended animation, the body is prone to damage because the brain interprets the wrong information. The combination of the effects of trauma and lack of oxygen in the brain generates the experience of flying into space and staring at your own body. The perceived peaceful sensation is triggered by the increased levels of endorphins produced by the brain during trauma. In addition, the neurotransmitters in the closing brain will create a beautiful illusion for all those who close to death.

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