Mystery Of Nameless Thing The Unknown Creature

Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square was a nickname that given to a mysterious entity which was seen in the 18th and 19th centuries in a Victorian-era building named 50 Berkeley Square in England. Most of the researchers tended to incorporate this event into the supernatural category, but others assumed that this entity could be included in the Cryptid or Predator category.

Nameless Thing the Unknown Creature of Berkeley Square
Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square

The Haunted Building

The Berkeley Square complex was built in 1740 by an architect named William Kent. This complex was once the residence of important figures such as Winston Churchill who lived in building no.48 and George Canning, the British prime minister in 1827 lived in building no.50 and in building no.50, the mystery began. The strange events in this building actually began in the late 1700s but only in 1840, this building managed to build its reputation to be one of the most feared buildings in Britain.

According to legend, a girl who lived in the building was murdered sadistically by the nanny. Since then, the little girl's spirit was often seen crying in upstairs. In 1840, a man named Sir Robert Warboys who did not believe the haunted rumor accepted the challenge from his friend to spend a night on the second floor of the building. Then the Warboys walked into the bedroom with a pistol and a candle.

Forty-five minutes later, the guard of the building heard a noise in the upstairs room where Warboys stayed. Then, a gunshot sounded. Hastily, the guard immediately moved and ran upward. After broke the door down by force, he saw the conditions in the room were almost unchanged but in the corner of the room, Sir Robert Warboys was lying while holding tightly his pistol that still smokes. He was dead. It seemed that he had seen something terrible that had killed him instantly. There is no clue about the death. The guard only found a hole in the wall from a bullet fired from the gun.

The Other Evidence of Sightings

Thomas Lyttelton, a parliamentarian who had lived in the same building saw something like a living thing in his room. He immediately took his gun and fired. He believed that the creature was shot because he saw it fall but could not find any traces or carcasses. According to witnesses who claimed to have seen it, the creature was barely shaped and looked like a sticky liquid. As he moved, he will produce strange noises. Even, one of the witnesses claimed to saw that the creature had a collection of tentacles like an octopus. However, there was no satisfactory explanation for the creature. Therefore, many people believed that the creature was a supernatural being, not a cryptid or a predator.

Harry Price, one of those who studied this mystery intensively in the 1920s found some interesting facts. Before 1790, 50 Berkeley Square was once used as the headquarters of the document counterfeiters. However, while Price went deeper, he found many testimonies and documentaries telling the story of the encounter with Nameless Thing. Since 1938, the ground floor of the Berkeley Square building had been used as a rare bookshop called the Maggs Brothers.

Although no more appearances have been reported in the last few decades, the bookstore employees are not allowed to go upstairs. According to them, since the 1950s, police have put a warning sign on the wall inside the building. The warning mentions that the upper floors of the building should not be used even for warehouses. The creature is also still a mystery until now.  

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