Mystery Of The King Tutankhamun Curse

In 1922, a wealthy British man was named Howard Carter found the burial site of King Tutankhamun inside the Valley of Kings tomb sites. There were many precious relics of gold, goods, and even food buried in this location. Because this was a major archaeological discovery, many other archaeologists went to the site of the Valley of Kings tombs. Soon after that, various mysterious things started to happen. Then, it was known as a mystery of the King Tutankhamun curse.

Mystery of the King Tutankhamun Curse
 King Tutankhamun Tomb

Many of the archaeologists who had entered the tomb fell ill and eventually died. It was reported during the 1920's, more than two dozen of the archaeologists died shortly after entering the tomb of King Tutankhamen. This was the beginning of the curse of the King of Tutankhamun. Around the spring of 1923, Lord Carnarvon, a donor of Howard Carter's expedition was bitten by a mosquito on the cheek when he shaved. It caused him to get infected and then Lord Carnarvon died and at the same time, all the lights in the city of Cairo were strangely extinguished.

On that morning when Lord Carnarvon died, his dog started barking and then suddenly died. Because of that, the Curse of King Tutankhamen began to be widely publicized by the media. The extraordinary media announcement caused other news to emerge. There was news stating that the canary of Howard Carter dead was pegged by a cobra right after the discovery of the door of the tomb. Many people believed the curse of King Tutankhamun was true until, in 1986, a French doctor named Caroline Stenger Phillip found an explanation for these mysterious deaths.

Dr. Stenger Phillip stated that the fruits and vegetables in the grave might cause the occurrence of organic dust particles. These articles might have an allergenic potential. He also claimed that the archaeologists had an allergic reaction after inhaling all the particles which further lead to their death. He did not believe that the curse of Tut was the cause of mysterious deaths. The curse of King Tutankhamen remains a mystery. For some people, it is just superstition but many people still believe in a curse.

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