Mystery Of The Golden City In The El Dorado

The existence of treasures or golden city stored in the area of El Dorado in South America until now is still a legend for the people of America and the world. A number of historical research or personal research is done to uncover the mystery. The only foothold to unravel this great secret is the legend of Chibcha tribe, a South American Indian sub-tribe that greatly worships the Sun God five hundred years ago. The Chibcha people thought that gold was a gift from the Sun God and should be rededicated to the god.

Mystery of the Golden City in the El Dorado
Golden City in the El Dorado

A Mythology in ancient beliefs of Chibcha, it was mentioned about the goddess of the sacred lake. Besides the Sun God, the goddess worship of the sacred water was also very popular among the Indians in the past. The story of the Goddess began with the mythology of a Chibcha chief's wife committed a law violation then she committed suicide by jumping into a lake. Because of the purity of her heart, she then transformed into a goddess and became the watcher of the holy lake that called Lake Guatavita.

The worship of the goddess Guatavita then became a ceremony once a year. When the ritual was performed, the line of ceremonies that accompanied him would throw some gold and gems into the lake. This is called the golden ceremony which in Muisca (Chibcha) is called El Dorado. In 1962, it was reported the spectacular invention of two farmers. They found a very small cave dome then went inside and they found gold. The gold of their findings was a miniature raft-shaped artifact with eight rowers and a tribal chief made of gold. This was one strong proof of the legend of El Dorado that had been found.

Hunting Gold of El Dorado all started from a legend and narrated from mouth to mouth by Spanish explorers about a gold-plated city called El Dorado. This legend attracted hundreds of treasure hunters but most of them eventually ended up dying in the hinterland of South America and the search was never paid off. The explorers never know for sure the real of El Dorado except for folktales and legends about the most precious gold and treasure belonging to the South American Indian tribes.

The total of the death toll in this quest for gold reached thousands of people. They were killed in battle with Indian tribes, trapped in the natural ferocity of the tropical rainforest, and killed in a crash in the mountains and valleys without finding the gold treasure. The great mystery still remains up to now. Chibcha is a tribe that inhabits the highlands of the Andes territory of the Columbia Mountains.

In a note about this tribal mythology, the possibility of El Dorado is the epitome of a great energy that is containing the trinity of Chiminigagua, a power of the creation of the universe. However, then El Dorado is used metaphorically to refer to where the precious objects can be found. El Dorado is also used to refer to the notion of love, heaven, happiness, or success. This meaning is related to many attempts to uncover the golden mystery behind El Dorado. Until now, no one knows the golden city exists or not.

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