Leak The Ancient Science By Hindus In Bali

The leak is an ancient science inherited by Hindu ancestors in Bali. It is not easy to learn leak science. A long time ago, not all anyone could learn leak science because the leak was a science that quite secret as a defense attack from the enemy. The Ancient Balinese who studied leak was the king accompanied by his subordinates. The goal was for as a defense of the enemy especially the attack from the outside. Clearly, leak science did not hurt.

Leak the Ancient Science by Hindu Ancestors in Bali

The times have changed, automatically, this science also changes in accordance with the times. In leak, people who study this science should be in a quiet place, usually in the cemetery. Basically, the science of leak is a spiritual science that aims to seek the enlightenment through the sacred scriptures. The five characters are Si, Wa, Ya, Na, and Ma.
  • Si is reflecting God
  • Wa is a gift
  • Ya is the soul
  • Na is the power that covers the intelligence
  • Ma is the selfishness of the soul

People who study any spirituality and when reach its peak, they will surely emit light (aura). This light comes out through the five senses of the body, ears, eyes, mouth, crown, and genitals. In principle, leak science does not learn how to hurt someone but how to get a sensation when meditating in the contemplation of the script. When the sensation comes, then the spirit of the person can walk out of his body. The spirits can walk in the form of light commonly called “endih”. Endih is part of the human astral body.

Here, the spirit of the people can enjoy the beauty of the night in another inner dimension. However, there are some codes of ethics and not all people can see endih. One of the rules is cannot enter or close to the dead people. People who do leak are just wandering in the grave (pemuwunan). If there is a new corpse, the leak members are obliged to come to the cemetery to give prayers so that, the spirit gets a good place according to his karma.

The idea of a leak is whatever your status in the world, you will end up in the grave. Therefore, all the spiritual activities take in the grave. In the grave, the spirits gather in the spirit of upheaval and the best place to meditate and give the blessing of prayer. Moreover, in Bali, the grave is said to be sacred because it often appears scary things. The science of Leak is still developing because its heir still exists as the preservation of Hindu culture in Bali.

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