Devil Marbles The Sacred Place In Australia

Devils Marbles is one of the sacred places for Aborigines in Australia. It is located near Tennant Creek Town in the Northern Territory. The tourists can visit there to experience their spiritual aura. Pictures of Devils Marbles are found in postcards or souvenir calendars when you visit Australia. There, there are some giant rounds stones are scattered on a large area. The ground is red and similar to Uluru or the Grand Canyon in the US.

Devils Marbles the Sacred Place for Aborigines in Australia
Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles is not just a giant round rock formation but the sacred place of the local Aboriginal people which is called “Karlu Karlu”. The entire area is of great spiritual significance to many in Australia. Many stories and legends are behind the emergence of Devils Marbles. More than a million years ago, sandstone erosion caused the granite stones changed shape to round. But because of the heat of the sun and the arid land made these stones split into two, although now there is the stone that is still around.

There are several stones whose diameter reaches 6 meters and some of the smaller stones are less than 1 meter in diameter. One of the greatest rocks was made to a memorial to John Flynn, the man who discovered the sacred territory. Since 2008, the area had become the Devils Marbles Conservation Area that was managed by Aboriginal people. Devils Marbles is located on Stuart Highway, 105 Km from the nearest town of Tennant Creek.

Many tourists come to this area about 1.5-hour drive from Tennant Creek. Devils Marbles Conservation Area also has camping, barbeque, and public toilets. The tourist can also rent a caravan and stay in this area. The great spiritual appeal of Devils Marbles attracts tourists from all over the world.

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