The Mystery Of Moberly Jourdain Incident

The mystery of Moberly Jourdain Incident is still unsolved till now. Many theories have appeared related to this incident. Some people believe that the incident was an example of a case of Time Slip. The other people preferred to call this case by the Ghosts of Versailles or The Ghosts of Trianon. It all started when two British women decided to take a holiday trip to France in 1901. Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were two women from an educated family background with a good reputation.

The Mystery of Moberly Jourdain Incident
Moberly and Jourdain

One day, they decided to go on vacation to several places in Europe. On August 10, 1901, the two women were already on a train to Versailles. Arriving there, they with other tourists wandered around the Versailles palace. After traveling around, they decided to visit the Petit Trianon, one of the buildings in the complex. Moberly and Jourdan entered the Trianon flower garden. While admiring the flowers, then they realized that they no longer recognize the scene around it. As if they were in a foreign park, in contrast to what they had seen before.

The two confused women then tried to find a way out. When they turned a corner, they saw an empty farmhouse and a plow lying on the side of the path. Suddenly out of nowhere, two men showed up wearing strange clothes. Moberly and Jourdain then approached them to ask how they could get back to the Petit Trianon. Then, the men pointed to the path they had not seen before. After tracing the path, Jourdain saw a cabin with a woman and a girl at the front door. Strangely, Moberly could not see the hut or the woman and the girl but she could feel the changes atmosphere around her with a feeling of depression.

So, they decided to rest under a tree while shaking. Moberly and Jourdain were not panicky women but this time, they felt something was wrong and they could not explain it. After resting for a while, they both walked and found a gazebo. As they walked to the gazebo, they saw a man sitting there. Surprisingly, when the man turned around, his face was grinning and looked like someone who was suffering from smallpox.

The Mystery of Moberly Jourdain Incident
Petit Trianon

Suddenly, there was a shout that said they had taken the wrong path. The voice came from a tall dark-eyed man. His curly hair was sticking out from behind the sombrero he was wearing. Then, they turned around and went back to the track before and walked through a bridge to a park. In the park, Moberly saw a woman sitting on a bench wore an old-fashioned suit. Suddenly, a man appeared from one of the buildings there while slamming the door. The man told them that the gate to the Petit Trianon was next to the other building. As they walked to the other side of the building, finally they found another group of tourists. Everything was back to normal.

Petit Trianon Ghost

After returning home from the holiday, Moberly and Jourdain concluded that the Petit Trianon was inhabited by spirits of the past and they decided to examine more of the Petit Trianon's history. From their investigation of the French history, they found that on August 10, 1792, the same date as their visit, the Tuileries palace in France was surrounded by the rebels and the palace guards were slaughtered. This incident made the royal family escaped for protection.

This suspicion grew stronger when Moberly saw the painting of Marie Antoinette by Wertmuller. Moberly was surprised because the woman who sat in the park was very similar to Marie Antoinette and the clothes too. They found that the man who had smallpox on the face was the enemy Marie Antoinette named Comte de Vaudreuil. One day, Moberly and Jourdain returned to visit the Petit Trianon. They could not find the bridge but from research, it was known that the bridge was there in 1789.

Moberly and Jourdain then published their experiences in a book called An Adventure that published in 1911. Both use pseudonyms, Elizabeth Morison and Frances Lamont. Their identity was revealed in 1931 after their death. After their identities were revealed, researchers then were interested in investigating the case because of their educated background. Some authors believed that the two women experience what was called Time Slip. Others, including Moberly and Jourdain, believed that what they saw was the ghost of the past.

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