Mystery Of Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance

The Jimmy Hoffa disappearances still remaining a mystery until now. Jimmy Hoffa was an American labor leader and also a criminal inmate who spent 10 years in prison. He served as President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the mid-1950s to mid-1960s. He had a considerable influence. On July 30, 1975, Hoffa disappeared from a parking lot in Detroit and was never seen again. Actually, he was scheduled to meet two Mafia leaders, Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone from Detroit and Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano from Union City, New Jersey, and New York City.

Mystery of the Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa
Jimmy Hoffa

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters was an influential United States union around the 50-60s. Hoffa was alleged to have connections with mafias at that time. He had been in jail for wiping out labor money, bribing, and some of the scams that sentenced him to 13 years in prison in 1967. But he got clemency from the US president at the time, Richard Nixon. Hoffa freed in 1971 in a condition of not being active again in Teamsters until 1980, according to his prison term.

On July 30, 1975, Hoffa suddenly disappeared. According to Donald Frankos, a former assassin who was investigated by FBI in 1989 and told that Hoffa tried to return to the union after being released from prison and ignored President Nixon's message that prohibited him to reactive in  1980 but some people try to block it. Hoffa was last seen in a restaurant parking lot on the outskirts of Detroit on July 30, 1975. Frankos believed that Hoffa was killed by some Teamsters at the command of the Genovese mafia family. Hoffa body was then cut into pieces and taken to New Jersey until finally buried at the base of the Giants Stadium concrete.

Then, the excavations were done at the Giants Stadium and did not find the results as presented by Frankos. Meanwhile another Mafia, Bill Bonanno claimed that Hoffa was shot and put in the trunk of the car. Some speculation later emerged that there was a big conspiracy behind Hoffa's death. This was an unclear mystery and not disclosed how the police investigated the case. Hoffa was declared dead legally in 1982 at the age of 69 years right after 7 years he disappeared in the parking lot.

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