Spontaneous Human Invisibility Phenomenon

Spontaneous Human Invisibility or sometimes called Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility is a phenomenon that makes a person invisible at some time. This phenomenon is very mysterious because it happens all of sudden and still not known what the cause to eliminate humans like this. This phenomenon also has occurred in many parts of the world, especially in America. The human ability to become invisible has known many years ago. The Indo-European Shaman and Pre-Aryan have faith in this.

Mystery of Spontaneous Human Invisibility Phenomenon
Spontaneous Human Invisibility

In ancient times, they were able to control their body elimination and then Rosicrucianism began in Europe in the 15th century. Ordo Rosicrucian was also known as Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC). The Rosicrucian movement rooted in the mystery, philosophical, and fairy tales of ancient Egypt in 1500 BC. In ancient times, the word "mystery" called a special knowledge or gnosis, a secret wisdom. Thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt, schools or bodies set up to investigate the mystery of life and learn the secrets.

The Relation with Rosicrucian

With some writings from them, there was a discussion about 'disappearance'. Someone from Rosicrucian brotherhood once wrote about 'How to make a human disappear'. H. Spencer Lewis, the AMORC founder in San Jose, California says we can disappear by using 'Cloud'. Clouds or fogs can be called to cover the body and block the eyes of others against it. The written states that 'Cloud' is still a Rosicrucian secret.

Another branch of the Rosicrucian brotherhood was The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn that left the manuscript explaining the ritual of becoming invisible. This manuscript said about covering yourself with a 'Cloak' similar to 'Cloud'. Rosicrucian said the first form of Material Manifestation was Electrons. There was a report that if a Cloud was formed with Electrons it could absorb the light that should be reflected back to our eyes. However, what was called 'Cloud' is still not very clear what it means.

Cases of Spontaneous Human Invisibility

Until now there are many cases caused by this strange phenomenon. For example, this phenomenon happened to a woman named Melanie in Ventura, California. She experienced it while she was sitting on the couch. At that time, she was staring at the wall and right then she disappeared. Her husband had been around the house looking for her but he could find and see Melanie. In fact, her husband was standing in front of her just a few feet. After 10 minutes, she started to look again and her husband was angry because he thought she was hiding from him.

The other case was from Jannise who lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She had several experiences of disappearing several times in her life. As a teenager, she joined a group of his friends that decided to steal from the department store but everyone was caught including Jannise. All of them were taken to the Police Station and inquired one by one except Jannise who was not asked by the police. Even though she stood there but no one noticed her. She then came out of the police station without anyone asking or stopping her. When she asked her friends, they said they did not know Jannise was taken to the police station. They thought she was still in the department store. No one saw her until she came out of the police station.

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