La Isla De Las Munecas The Haunted Doll Island

La Isla De Las Munecas in Mexico is known as the Island of Dolls. This is because of the existence of thousands of dolls on the island. The dolls can be found hanging on a tree or just sitting on the ground. The story that circulating in the community is that the thousands of dolls have a creepy appearance. They often move and scream every midnight. This is what makes La Isla De Las Munecas is considered as a haunted island by the surrounding community.

Mystery of Haunted Doll Island La Isla De Las Munecas
La Isla De Las Munecas

Moreover, the doll island attracts people to come there. A number of tourists reported that they felt uncomfortable when visiting there as if there were eyes that always watched them wherever they moved. Formerly, the island was the residence of a hermit named Don Julian Santana. Although he was married, he chose to spend 50 years of his life alone on this island. Don Julian who began settling on this island was often haunted by the spirit of a small girl who drowned in one of the edges of the island. Santana then took the initiative to put a small child doll in the location where the little girl was buried.

Santana hoped that the doll would calm the restless soul of the little girl. Somehow, Don Julian continued to collect the dolls and put them all over La Isla De Las Munecas area until Santana died in 2001. Ironically, Don Julian was found dead by his nephew in 2001 at the location of the canal where the girl died drowning. Now the doll island became the most bizarre tourist area in the world. Anastasio who is now taking care of the island said, ”There are two reasons Santana did that To protect Santana from evil and make the spirit of the little girl happy but one doll is not enough, Don Julian also collects dolls and make this island like a temple".

The condition of the island becomes scarier because thousands of dolls are now beginning to decompose naturally over time starting with frequent exposure to sunlight until the damage caused by rain. This is what makes these dolls in a scary condition such as broken arms and missing eyes and heads. The atmosphere grows spooky with the growth of a number of shady trees on the island. However, the awesomeness of La Isla De Las Munecas is a special attraction for travelers. In recent years, the island has always been visited by local and international tourists.

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