El Chupacabra The Blood Sucking Creature

El chupacabra which is known as the blood-sucking creature literally means as a goat sucker. This creature was known in the breeding communities in Latin America such as Mexico and Puerto Rico where the appearance was first reported in the early 1990s. Precisely in March 1995, it was mentioned that eight sheep were found dead with 3 stab wounds on each chest in the condition run out of blood. A similar case was reported in Moca, in 1987. At that time the pets died dry out of blood. Then, the creature was called El Vampo de Moca because the wound left liked a vampire bite.

Mystery of El Chupacabra the Blood Sucking Creature
El Chupacabra 

There were many reports about the presence of this creature. In April 2006, MosNews reported that the Chupacabra was seen in Russia for the first time. The report mentioned the existence of a strange creature that attacked cattle and sucked the blood. The next report also came from a neighboring village saying that 30 sheep had been killed and their blood dried up. In May 2007, several reports in the national Columbia newspaper mentioned more than 300 sheep were killed in the Boyoca area and possible by Chupacabra.

Although most people described the Chupacabra as having a dog-like shape, some of the other were different. The most common description of the chupacabra was to have scaly skin with thorns along his back. The color of its skin was grayish green. The height was between 2-3 meters and it jumped like a kangaroo which could jump to 6 meters high. The reports about its face varied. Some call liked a dog and some said like a panther with tongue branched and large fangs. Uniquely, some witnesses said this creature had wings.

Although many witnesses claimed that had seen this creature, there was no real evidence just many theories appeared. Some researchers even connected Chupacabra with gargoyles, the creatures that were part of European history and associated with evil spirits. Some believed that the Chupacabra was the result of a genetic mutation caused by the leaking of chemicals from the secret lab of the American property in El Yunque, a mountain in eastern Puerto Rico. Some people also said that the Chupacabra was a giant Vampire bat whose fossils had been found in South America. Another theory was that the Chupacabra was not a real being but a product of superstition and imagination.

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