Bimini Road Mystery Of The Path Under The Sea

One of the mysteries that until now have not been solved is the existence of the Bimini road on the seabed. It is located in the north of Bimini, an island in the Bahamas. Many people think that the path is made by nature and is considered a geological event but the arrangement of the stone road is too neat. Some scientist suspect that it is part of the City of Atlantis but till now, there is no evidence of the existence of the lost city, Atlantis. Bimini Road is square rocks formation on the seabed.

Bimini Road Mystery of the Path under the Sea
Bimini Road

Bimini Road was discovered on September 2, 1968, by J. Manson Valentine while diving. Moreover, Edgar Cayce was a well-known paranormal at that time who predicted that the evidence of the remains of Atlantis civilization would emerge around the Bahamas between 1968 and 1969. Currently, the search for the remains of Atlantis is still continuing especially in the waters of the Bahamas. According to some predictions from archaeologists, there may still be many findings to uncover the mystery of Atlantis. Until now, Bimini road is still a controversy.

Bimini Road and the Lost City of Atlantis

Atlantis is a lost continent and the first of civilization which is flown by a series explosive force then lay deep in the bottom of the ocean. The legend was built by Plato, the Greek philosopher. However, in almost all encyclopedias, Atlantis is nothing more than a fairy tale and never referred to in any historical record. I the other hand, some geologists, and oceanographers seemed to agree that something resembling continent was once present around the Atlantic.

Plato argued that Atlantis sank 9,000 years before its time, about 11,600 years ago. Inside Critias narrated, the great earthquake and floods had drowned the continent in just one day and night. Since the beginning of Plato's thesis, there were some believers and unbelievers. Whatever the proofs and theories, archaeologists still propose the theory of Atlantis.

New evidence of the existence of Atlantis continues to emerge. In 1968, Dr. Manson Valentine discovered the ruins that later became known as Bimini Road. The findings once again caused the controversy about the existence of Atlantis. For scientists who are opposing the Atlantis theory, Bimini Road is nothing more than a collection of coral and ordinary marine rocks.

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