Mystery Of The Unknown Child Boy In The Box

On 25 February 1957, there was an unsolved mystery until now a boy in the box or known as an unknown America’s child. That day, Frederick Benosis found a naked boy body who wrapped in a cardboard box that was hidden in a wooded section of Philadelphia. The boy’s corpse showed signs of malnutrition. His hair had been shorn and there were bruises on his body. His image appeared in Philadelphia papers and on hundreds of thousands of flyers distributed to homes but no identification was made.

Unsolved Mystery of America Unknown Child Boy in the Box
 America Unknown Child 

The child's identity is never determined and the case has not been resolved. The boy was described as having blue eyes, medium brown skin, and rough cut hair. His nails were neatly trimmed and had deep bruises on his body. The investigator focused on the baby box where the boy found. The box was one of 12 boxes that sold by a JC Penny store in Upper Darby. After an investigation, there were no match fingerprints and footprints of the boy and also had compared to national databases and local hospital records. There were some pieces of evidence of the dead boy.

  • The boy's hair was roughly cut and fell all over his body indicating it was cut off when he died and naked or immediately before he died.
  • Wrinkled Foot and hands showing he was submerged in water for an extended time just before or after he died.
  • The child might have chronic eye disease.
  • He had not eaten 2-3 hours before death.
  • The flannel blanket was made well in North Carolina or Quebec, Canada.
  • His esophagus contained residue, dark brown, may indicate that he vomited shortly before death.
  • He was very malnutrition.
  • Causes death several strokes to the head.

The boy was buried in the pottery field next to Mechanicsville and Dunks Ferry Rd and the gravestone just written "Heavenly Father, Bless this Boy Unknown". Finally, the body was dug up in 1998 and mitochondrial DNA was extracted from his teeth. This effort was being made to find his connection again by scanning through the database. However, the mitochondrial DNA sequence was too small to produce a conclusive game with anyone. On November 11, 1998, the boy had buried again in a donated coffin at Ivy Hill Cemetery.

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