The Order of Nine Angles A Satanism Organization

There are so many organizations in the world from political organizations to devil worship organizations. Not a few people following the organizations and among them, there is an organization that disturbing everyday life. One of the most dangerous organizations is The Order of Nine Angles (ONA). The Order of Nine Angles (ONA) was an organization that followed the satanic teachings or Satanism and emerged among the British in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Order of Nine Angles Secret Organization of Satanism
The Order of Nine Angles Symbol

The ONA goal is to achieve progress, excellence, beyond the usual physical and mental limits of human beings in general, occult practices. This society claimed to be a follower of Satan or Satanism and assumed that their selves as the created individual had own superiority and wisdom when facing opposition and able to overcome physical and mental boundaries. According to The Order of Nine Angel, to achieve the personal excellence or the human superpower, they must perform various ritual practices of black magic and other awful ceremonies.

ONA moves in secret and its followers hiding their original identification so they can hang out and live with ordinary people like normal human beings. This is done to hide their activities that are negative. The members who follow the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) group often make activities around the world, so many people do not know about it. Currently, ONA inhabits secret cells which known as traditional Nexions and practices horrifying mobs for anyone who hears it.

The odd ONA practices require human sacrifice as a way of eliminating weaknesses and claiming that evil spirits are an important part of the evil strategy to carry out missions. The way of life is more fun and to interrupt then conquer the ordinary people. One of the ONA ambitions that currently seem to be successful in overthrowing governments in various countries. They are fighting between people, increasing differences, and covering various issues related to SARA.

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