Mystery Behind The Vatican Secret Archives

Many people are curious about the mystery behind the Vatican secret archives. There are rumors that say in the rooms of the Vatican, there is a treasure that supposedly exists and an allegation where the Pope has evidence of the extraterrestrial existence and devil. However, the secrets of the files are more realistic than expected. This secret is even more interesting for that reason. There are handwritten letters from figures such as Queen Mary of Scotland, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther's exile decree.  

The Mystery behind the Vatican Secret Archives
The Vatican

In fact, the truth is actually hidden from the outsider is not proof of alien existence but the document including the church involvement in the Mussolini government or even the anti-Semitic movement that initiated by Hitler. Some of these archives consist of personal letters and historical records of previous popes for four centuries. It began with the Pope Paul V who felt the importance of the history of the correspondence and realize that the documents had to be preserved.

In 1881, Pope Leo XIII started to allow the researchers to look at some of the contents of the archive but still difficult because the procedure had not changed much over the last 200 years. The permission will be granted and must be renewed every 6 months for the interested parties who had proven themselves as a serious scholar. The amateur journalists, students, and researchers are not granted access. After being permitted, the scholar should mention the specific documents they want to review and may only review 3 documents per day. Computers are allowed but not photography. So, the experts should rely on their ability to record and type them.

The historian from Brown University, David Kertzer managed to examine documents from the time of Pope Pius XI (1922 - 1939). He concluded that the Pope made an agreement with Mussolini to protect the interests of the Church as long as keeping silent about anti-Semitic that underpinned by the state. Then, some groups pressed Pope Francis to reveal all the contents related to Pope Pius XII (1939 - 1958). Some people said that he supported Hitler. Then some said that the Pope opposed the Nazis and helped hide the Jews. As part of the 400 year anniversary of the archives, in 2012, there were 100 documents released to the public through an exhibition titled "Lux in Arcana".

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