Legend Of Bloody Mary Ghost You Should Know

In western urban legends, Bloody Mary is a ghost or wizard who will appear in the mirror when her name is called three times. In western societies, this ghost legend is identical to the game. One way to make Bloody Marry appear is to stand in front of the mirror in the dark or usually in the bathroom and call out the name three times. Bloody Mary Worth is often identified as a child killer. How to call Bloody Mary is by calling her name in front of the bathroom mirror in the dark, and then she will appear and take the eyes of the person who has called her. You only need to spell 'Mary Worth, Mary Worth, I Believe in Mary Worth' spell three times. If the ghost of Bloody Mary has not appeared, it is said you must spin 180 degrees three times.

The Legend of Bloody Mary Ghost
Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Ghost has been widely circulated in America for centuries and continues to be told to the next generation. According to legend, this ghost lives and can be called. Bloody Mary was a woman named Mary Whirnington who was reported dead in front of a mirror. There was also saying that Marry died killed by his own lover. Another version also said that Marry was a wizard. According to the existing myth, Mary's soul was trapped in a mirror so she could not get out unless someone opened the way for her. Because of too long trapped in the mirror, Mary’s soul became very angry and made her did horrible things.

There are many versions of this legendary ghost but all the stories have never been successfully unsolved. Indeed, almost all the story of the legend of Bloody Mary Ghost seemed had been made-up, but not a few people claimed that they met directly with the ghost of Mary when they did the ritual of calling the bloody Mary.

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