Mystery Of Georgia Guidestones Monument

To this day, no one knows who build the mysterious monument The Georgia Guidestones. This monument was built in 1979 by a group of unknown people in Georgia, United States. In this monument was engraved message which written in 8 languages. The main of these messages was the importance of reducing the world population only to 500 million people. Allegedly, the founder of this mysterious Monument was the pioneer of the globalization elite (New World Order) according to the conspiracy theories. But until now, no one knows the truth.

The Georgia Guidestones Unknown Mysterious Monument
The Georgia Guidestones 

This huge granite monument containing messages about the resilience of mankind and future generations is located in Elberton Georgia, near the border of the state of South Carolina United States. The messages are written in eight different languages on four large stones which contain 10 Guides or commands to describe the New World Order agenda. This monument is also known as the American Stonehenge.

The monument was built in 1979 after a well-dressed man using the pseudonym RC Christian came and introduced himself as the representative of a group with a humanitarian agenda. Until now, no one knows who actually this mysterious man named RC Christian. The message in Georgie Guidestones contains the core issues on four major issues. They are:
  • The establishment of world government and one language for the world
  • Reduce the population and reproduction control
  • Environment and human relationships with the environment
  • Faith and spirituality

10 messages carved in 8 languages, English, Spanish, Swahili (In Africa), Hindi (Around India), Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. There is a shorter message carved on the top of this structure in four ancient languages, Babylonian, Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The Guides have clear rules. Here are the words that carved on the rock Guidestones.

  1. Maintaining the world population below 500,000,000 in order to have a lasting balance with nature.
  2. Wise reproduction guidelines to improve fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite mankind with a single new language.
  4. Set three things, the passion, faith, tradition, and everything related to anger.
  5. Protecting people and nations with fair laws and the judicial system.
  6. Let all nations have external internal rules to resolve disputes in world courts.
  7. Avoid useless officials and ridiculous rules.
  8. Balance the personal rights with social tasks.
  9. Respect the truth, beauty, and love to seek harmony with the infinite.
  10.  Do not become humans that like cancer disease for the earth leave space for nature.

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