Cruelest Lady In History Elizabeth Bathory

For 24 years, the cruelest lady Elizabeth Bathory amused herself by torturing and killing young girls in her castle, Cachtice. She killed and tortured around 600 young women in the 17s. Elizabeth Bathory was famous to torture the young women first and drain their blood. However, the woman who was tortured was not an ordinary woman. The category should be a virgin young woman. She started with girls from peasant families who came to work as servants. When the peasants wised up and began hiding their daughters, Elizabeth moved to the local gentry by offering them etiquette lessons.

The Cruelest Lady Elizabeth Bathory
Elizabeth Bathory

She used the blood of the virgins because of her obsession with eternal beauty. After torturing and getting a lot of fresh blood, she then bathed with blood. This incident began in the early 1600s, Elizabeth Bathory was known as a wife of one of the ruling families in Hungary. When married, Elizabeth received the property of Cachtice castle surrounded by her husband's village. The beginning of their marriage looked like a noble family generally and Elizabeth also gave birth to 3 children. Until 1604, when her husband died, she moved to the castle.

The cruelty began and she even hired a team of personal assistants to find virgin and young girls to be employed in the castle. The personal assistant including three older women, a disfigured young boy, and a sadistic that witch named Anna Darvulia. Anna spearheaded the torture squad and eventually became Elizabeth’s lover because Elizabeth had a sexually deviant behavior and liked to torture young local girls inside his castle.

Elizabeth and Anna used a variety of techniques to torment the servants. In winter, they would take a girl out into the snow the poured her with cold ice or left her there to freeze to death. During spring, they would spread honey on a girl's naked body then tied her down outside so bees and bugs ate her. They also shoved needles under the fingernails then sewed mouths shut, and clubbed girls with razor-sharp weapons until they perished. Elizabeth also embraces Satanists and witchcraft.

Entering age 40, she had a terrible tradition of bathing blood from the girls. The poor girls were tied up in the bath then Elizabeth slashed her veins and poured a lot of fresh blood into the bath. She then took a bath in the tub and applied all the blood to her body because she thought that it would make her more beautiful and youthful in the castle. After running out young women, she then opened a school of female personalities known as Gynaeceum. So, many noble ladies came but then disappeared.

Finally, the Hungarian king could not turn a blind eye to this royal abuse of power so he sent his lieutenants to arrest this serial killer and put her on trial. They found so many bodies, some alive and some dead in various rooms, burned in fireplaces, and buried in shallow graves on the grounds. Elizabeth was convicted of murder, while Anna the witch and her team of torturers were executed for their crimes. Elizabeth was allowed to remain in her castle and brick wall permanently erected at her door. Four years later in 1614, she passed away in her sleep. She was buried in a local cemetery. Since then, her story that likes to bathe with virgin blood is famous in the world to this day.

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