Poveglia Island The Haunted Island In Italy

Poveglia is a small island and known as a haunted island that located between Venice and Lido in Venice Lagoon, Northern Italy. The island is uninhabited and closed to the public. Until now, Poveglia still becomes a very creepy place and has entered the TV show 'Scariest place on earth'. This haunted island started in 1576 when Italy was exposed to black plague. Because it is the deadly disease and no cure, thousands of corpses began to accumulate and made the environment worse. People started panicking, so they took all the corpses to Poveglia Island and burn them.

Poveglia Island the Mystery of Haunted Island in Italy
Poveglia Island 

In Poveglia Island, they also dug the holes in the Island for the corpses. Worst, when the law started, people did not care whether the baby, the children, or the adults who have signs of the plague would be isolated to the island for die in misery. It was estimated that over 160,000 people died miserably on Poveglia Island. Ghosts had seen on Poveglia Island in 1922 when a mental hospital was built on the Island. Myth said that the hospital operator was an evil mad doctor who used his patients for experiments.

The doctor conducted experiments such as lobotomy using tools such as hammers and manual hand drills. In addition, because of the pressure from doctors, his patients also got the disturbance that he said it came from the ghosts of the victims of plague but no one believed him because people considered the doctor was insane. After a while, the doctor sensed the presence of the wandering spirit of Poveglia. Finally, the doctor started to see his spirit and jumped from his death bell tower. Rumors said that the corpse of the doctor was planted in the tower.

Until now, Poveglia Island is still as a very creepy place. The Venetian fishermen do not want to fish in the area because they often find human remains of corpses. Moreover, the fishermen often hear the sound of bells from the tower when there is no bell there.

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