Mythology Creature Ghoul The Devil King

Ghoul or the Devil King is one of the mythological creatures of Arabia which is quite familiar because it is often depicted in films especially in anime. Ghoul is often described as a gigantic creature who likes to destroy the tomb and prey on the corpse in it and also like the new bodies buried. It is said that he inhabits a grave or a place unattended by the human. Many people also mention that Ghoul lives in the uninhabited wilderness to prey on the travelers who exploring that place.

Mythology of Ghoul the Devil King

Literally, Ghoul has the meaning of "devil". Formerly, Ghoul is believed to be the father of the devil. He is also one of the monsters that have been written in the Qur'an. It is also often said as a creature that inhabits the underground and the resistant creatures in a high-temperature place. According to the myth of ancient Arab society, Ghoul can transform his form into various types of animals especially Hyena.

In the Arabic Legend, it is mentioned that Ghoul is a figure of jinn that can lure his prey to come to the place that he mastered especially the desert area. Ghoul has the ability to deceive by coming directly to the victim due to he has the ability to change his form as the person he once preyed before. Strangely, he likes to collect coins from his victims. In the development of its legend, Ghoul is one of the most feared mythological creatures especially for those who inhabit the Middle East, Arab.

Now, Ghoul is often categorized as a zombie or cannibal because like to prey corpses. In addition, inhabiting the cemetery, Ghoul also prey on humans or even children when they are close to him but the most frequent victims are the people who lost and accidentally enter this area. The existence of Ghoul in the past brings a certain fear to most of the ancient Arab community. Therefore, many of the ancient Arab communities were reluctant to continue the journey and prefer to camp in groups or rolling around at night to avoid Ghoul attacks.

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