Mystery Of Slenderman The Supernatural Figure

Slenderman is very popular as the supernatural figure. In fact, this urban legend about slenderman came from a contest in cyberspace not the past story in centuries ago. Initially, the contest was made to confirm that the unseen world really existed. Finally, this contest was won by a Slenderman figure created by Victor Surge in 2009. However, this contest changed into a nightmare for the people of Europe and the United States. The creature of slenderman began to appear and create uproar in the society.


The Slenderman is a thin figure with a blank face, tall, with very long hands and feet, has tentacles, and wearing a black dress with a red tie. According to the rumors, the Slenderman was said to like to kidnap or hurt people especially children. The Slenderman kidnapped people using his outstretched arms then hypnotized his victims so the victims were powerless to stop themselves from walking into him. The legend also stated that anyone who met or saw his form directly, the person would experience a terrible fate such as in torture, in mutilation or even in hanging on a tree. There were some mysteries that connected with Slenderman.

The Library was Burned Mysteriously

Victor Surge as the creator of Slenderman explained that there was a library that burned a week after some pictures were taken. Strangely, in both photos, there were appearances of a thin man or called Slenderman.

The Disappearance of 14 Children Mysteriously

The international world was briefly stunned by the disappearance of 14 children at the same time. Although, the incident did not clear some people to believe that the incident was Slenderman action because based on the legend, this supernatural figure aimed to kidnap and kill children. Since then, the appearance of Slenderman often haunted the public and many people saw the appearance of trees or shrubs.

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