Mystery Of Siren The Dangerous Beautiful Creature

Siren was a mysterious creature that was known as a dangerous beautiful creature. Siren was beautiful murderous mythological creatures that prey on the sailors and then made the ship sink. Unlike humans, they were the inhabitants in the ocean. According to the rumor, they lived on islands that surrounded by cliffs and high cliffs called the island Sirenum Scopulli. They usually lured their victims by singing beautiful songs so the sailor interested and made his ship crash into a rock and drown.

Mystery of Siren the Dangerous Beautiful Creature

According to legend, they were the daughters of Achelous. They were friends of Persephone, the queen of the underworld. Those who were friends with Persephone were the daughters of Demeter and Zeus, and also the wife of Hades, the ruler of the underworld. In Greece, at first Siren was described as a large-headed bird with scaly feet and sometimes as the shadow of a lion's ghost. Later, they were portrayed as the figure of a bird-legged woman with or without wings that playing a musical instrument especially the Harp.

Suda, the 10th-century Encyclopedia explained that the Siren form from the upper chest resembled the Church Bird while the lower body was female or sometimes they were portrayed as small female-faced birds. The shape of birds was chosen because of their excess, the melodious voice. Then after several times, Siren next was described as a beautiful woman or even as a mermaid. In some languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, or Portuguese, the word that used to refer to mermaids was "Siren", "Sirena", "Syrena", or "Sereia" which confused the translation between "mermaid" and "Siren" in mythology. Moreover, in English, "Siren" did not always mean "mermaid".

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