Mystery Of Reverse Song By Karl Mayer

In general, the song is created to enjoy its beauty. On the other hand, there is a mysterious song title reverse by Karl Mayer. The purpose of this song created is to interrogate prisoners who do not want to talk about their crimes and this song actually has no magical element but only the air pollution for those who hear it. The contents of this song are the giggling of little boy's voice, then turning into the voice of crying women, and suddenly storm voice accompanied by a humming sound.

Mystery of Reverse Song by Karl Mayer
 Reverse Song by Karl Mayer

After the song ends, it will start again from the beginning. This 4-minute song is not recommended to be heard for those who have mentally weak. This song can lead to:
  • Ear Pain. As long as you play this song, you will feel pain in the inner ear because the frequency of this song is close to the frequency of ultrasonic waves.
  • Dizziness or a Migraine. If you listen to this song with high volume, you will experience dizziness or a migraine.
  • Ringing in the Brain. Continually plays the melody of this song, unconsciously you also will continue to sing inside your head even if you do not want it.
  • Paranoid. If you force to hear this song until the end, then you will feel always suspicious, always feel like someone is watching.
  • Crazy. If you cannot hear but push yourself to hear it then maybe you can experience mental disorders.

It is important to remember that nothing happens when you have no fear and even though you hear it many times, you will not experience any effect. It is said that if you hear this song more than 10 times, it can mentally damage and go crazy. Here is the overview for those who do not dare to hear this song.
  • In the first minute, you will hear the voice of a child who is laughing, giggling and accompanied by a moan like someone who is humming.
  • Suddenly, the sound of giggling is turned into a high-pitched scream with a very high sound frequency approaching the ultrasonic limit and still accompanied by a giggling.
  • Then the screams suddenly stop and change the voice of a child singing a melody with no obvious lyrics.
  • Suddenly, the sound is louder and there is a woman's voice shouting then changing into a very noisy voice.
  • In the last song, the noise suddenly stopped and then the sound of giggling and humming women begins to sound again but still accompanied by the sound of a woman crying.
  • The voice is combined to create a very noisy atmosphere so you will feel dizzy.

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