Mystery Of Nazca Lines You Should Know

The Nazca line is the long line that created by an ancient population but no one knows why which remain a mystery till now. The Nazca line is located in Pampa, Peru which covers an area of about 450km2 of the desert and the slopes of the Andes. Nazca Lines is a great work of art that engraved on the plains of Peru including large geometric designs, images of animals, plants, and human-like figures. It was created by Nazca people over a 1,000 year period between 500SM to 500M but no one knew why.

Mystery of Nazca Lines You Should Know
The Nazca Lines

This line was first discovered when a foreign flight flew over the Peruvian desert in 1920. The passengers reported seeing a simple airstrip beneath them. Since their discovery, the Nazca line had invited many recent explanations. In Pampa south of the Nazca line, archaeologists uncovered the city of the line maker, Cahuachi. It was built more or less 2000 years ago, which was mysteriously abandoned 500 years later. Cahuachi was a great start to uncover the mystery of the Nazca line.

As Orefici and his team were digging, they discovered pottery paintings that gave a view of how the line might have been created the function for them about 1500 years. The astounding thing was the discovery of the mummies of Nazca people itself on dry land in the Peruvian desert. Here are the measures of some famous form of Nazca geoglyph.
  • Spider about 46 miles
  • Monkey about 55 miles
  • Bird Guano 280 miles
  • Hummingbirds 50 miles
  • Killer whale 65 miles
  • Pelican 285 miles

The Nazca Plain is unique in its ability to maintain the signs that exist above is based on a combination of climate and flat, rocky soil that minimizes the effects of the ground wind. Because of there is no dust or sand to cover the plain and rain to scrape it, the lines tend to remain unchanged or closed. So, its location was deliberately determined not to affect the condition of geoglyph. The concentrations and alignment of the lines ensured that the manufacturer required long-term workers who worked intensively which were demonstrated by the style of the designs that related to different degrees of cultural change.

There are 2 types of designs, first is the various objects and other forms of geometric lines. Many lines were random and seemed to have no pattern. The line looked like a random line as it led to remote areas and crossed for no apparent reason. Many theories issued by the scientist about Nazca lines and Erich von Daniken theory is one of the most famous theories. Erich's theory is a theory with the most accurate approach to solving the Nazca mystery.

He thought that there were guests from other stars who visited the earth and named Nazca. They landed in this place. At the time of launching, the rock was swept away by a rocket-powered plane. At the moment, their cargo was popping up. Furthermore, the alien disappeared and made the people confused. They tried to recall their Lord by drawing lines, shapes, and trapezes. Daniken never said that alien who made the format. He found ZODIAK and glass formations, then compared with modern VASIS or PAPI symbols

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